Whether you’re on a road trip across the country or just taking a leisure drive with your friends and/or family for an afternoon, one thing that always helps pass the time is playing games in the car. And just think – should you pass a defensive driving course and earn a lower insurance premium, perhaps you can turn that money you save into more trips to your favorite destinations.

Unfortunately, group car games aren’t as common as they once were, thanks to the likes of personal electronics like iPods, video games and tablets. Let’s change that this summer. Instead of passing time in the car as individuals, why not work to pass it together? We’ll get you started with some of the best car games – both old and new – that you can do it with this summer. Here’s a look:

Old Classics

I Spy

Here’s an old favorite that’s fun for the whole family, the classic game of I Spy. It’s super simple to play, all you need to do is appoint a person to pick out objects that they see along the way, and have the other occupants in the car try to guess what they’re looking at. The player who guesses the object correctly is next to select their own object that the other passengers have to guess. It’s important to note that participants of this game have to think fast, as the object that is being “spied” will likely only be in view for a few minutes at most.

20 Questions

This game is similar to I Spy, except a player doesn’t have to pick something or someone that they see along the route – they can choose anything that comes into their head. Then, it’s up to the other passengers to figure out what they’ve selected by asking 20 questions or less to gain more clues and information.

License Plate Game

Here’s a favorite for longer road trips that’s easy and fun to play. Print out a map of all 50 states before you leave and then color in each state as you spot license plates on the road accordingly. See how many license plates you can spot!

New Games

Fictional Families

Here’s a fun one that takes some imagination to play, but it can be a ton of fun. Keep your eyes open on the road for interesting families in the cars that you pass along the way. Once you spot one, work to create your own back story for the family (i.e., what they do for work, where they live, hobbies, etc.). The more creative and ridiculous you get with the back stories, the more fun the game becomes.

Finish the Song

Have a bunch of music fans in the car? Play a version of “Finish That Song.” There are a few different versions you can play. Our favorite is the one where a passenger picks a song, sings a line from it and challenges the other passengers to finish that line. You can even incorporate your iPod with this one and actually play the song to check your work. You can also play a version where other passengers have to sing a different song that picks up from the last word of the other one.

Cards Against Humanity

For the adult crowd, this hilarious game can also be adapted for the car – all you need is the deck of cards and a great imagination. We’d just advise that the driver of the car always be the judge, while the other passengers handle the duties of reading the drawn cards to others in the vehicle. Just because it’s worth repeating, this game can get raunchy and dirty – so make sure that no kids are in the vehicle if you decide to play this.