And cue the drum roll please….after very little debate Florida legislators have repealed the controversial law they just enacted which would have required foreign visitors to the state to have a state issued driver’s license.

When this law was first enacted just a few short weeks ago Canadians reacted as you might expect: They were offended.

Considering that millions of Canadians travel to the state each year by car, flooding the state with even more millions of dollars in revenue, not offending Canadians was a primary concern among lawmakers.

It was more than that, however. The new state law actually violated the Geneva Conventions which prevents any nation which signs it (America is one of those) from forcing visitors from other countries which have signed it (Canada is one of those) from needing a locally issued driver’s license.

Many Florida lawmakers said they were unaware the law was even a part of the package they passed into law last year. This seems strange seeing as how they had to read it to vote on it–unless they vote on bills which they haven’t fully read. Regardless of how it passed, within a day of its being enacted into law lawmakers found themselves scrambling to repeal it.

Hence their decision just this week to repeal it and bring the state in line with the rest of the United States, and do no further harm to their all-important tourist industry.