When you’re visiting the great Golden State, it’s hard to decide on the best way to see everything California has to offer. You don’t want to miss out on the tranquil beaches, captivating city life, and breathtaking mountains and redwood forests. To help you decide the best vacation styles, we’re weighing the opportunities California has for you.

Wine Tasting Cruise

Sip on a nice glass of pinot grigio while you sail the red wine sea. This excursion will introduce you to the wines grown across the state. Therefore, if you’re seeking an adventure through California’s boozier side, this is the cruise for you. We dare you to wine about this voyage.

Celebrity Cruise

If you want to be treated like a celebrity or, perhaps, see a celebrity, then all aboard on one of California’s celebrity cruise line. You’ll catch high grade entertainment, gourmet restaurants, and top tier spas as you sail the Pacific Ocean. California is known for its entertainment and this cruise won’t let you forget it. You get the benefits of being a celeb without the paparazzi.

Port-to-Port Pacific Coast Cruise

There’s also the option of seeing the serene beauty of California’s landscapes off the bow of a quadruple decker ship. Sailing from port-to-port will give you the opportunity to explore the more notable coastal cities, such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. You won’t even run into pirates.

Auberge du Soleil

The Auberge du Soleil is a hotel resort that gives you all the joy of an adventurous, fun filled stay while lodged away in the peaceful town of Rutherford, California. You can get an aerial view of California with nearby hot air balloon rides. Instead of Auberge du Soleil, the owners should call it Auberge du Sold!

The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay

Known for their top tier hotel stays, The Ritz-Carlton doesn’t disappoint. Half Moon Bay is a coastal getaway located between San Francisco and San Jose. A few of the amenities include horseback riding, Segway tours, and spa therapist.

Rancho Bernardo Inn

The Rancho Bernardo Inn is so regal, they offer their very own fountain tour. The Inn also has spas, yoga and meditation centers, golf courses, and dining areas that feature California’s finest cuisines. It’s the most comfortable way to experience the nature of California.


If you’re looking to experience the nature of California a little outside your comfort zone, then pitch a tent and go camping. There’s a plethora of camping grounds across the state where you can hike, camp, and gaze underneath the stars. Camping has all the benefits of a hotel, without the luxurious amenities.


Explore the far reaches of the state while staying in someone else’s home. Airbnb has properties listed in just about every area of California. There’s no space uncharted if you don’t mind renting out another person’s bedroom.

Sleeping in Your Car

One activity we don’t recommend is sleeping in your car. Just because you passed your California traffic school test, doesn’t mean you get to sleep in your car. California can get strange, and even stranger at night. Sleeping in your car can be dangerous and even illegal. However, that’s not stopping you from exploring the state through the confines of your vehicle.

Crashing on a Couch

Take part in a long-standing tradition of California by sleeping on a friend’s couch. If you have a friend who lives in the state, pitch them the idea of staying in their living room or spare bedroom. It’s a cost-effective way to explore the rural or urban cultures of California. Some people will surf waves, but you can surf couches.