Listen, everyone knows, if you want to be the most popular kid in the school, you have to drive the hottest car. We’re not talking about those hot rods that you see the school’s quarterback driving. That’s the lame wagon. We’re talking about the safest, most secure vehicle you can drive as a teenager.

The only way you will be inducted into the cool, under-the-bleachers hangout spot is if you roll up in a sick, but secure, car!

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best cars for CA teen drivers. It’s the sure-fire way you will win the respect of your peers! Nothing is more respectable than showing off what you learned in your driver education course in a reliable vehicle. Maybe this time, YOU will be the one giving Chad swirlies.

Honda Odyssey

We know what you might be thinking: a minivan? To SCHOOL? That’s right. Hear us out on this one. Minivans are designed to provide comfort and security to an entire family. With superb space, comfortable seating, and rad sliding doors, you can take your entire D&D club on an odyssey to the cool kid table.

Hyundai Genesis

The Hyundai Genesis received a 5-star safety rating and a 5-star very cool student rating. When you’re rolling up to your high school’s parking lot, you’ll turn heads with this sedan model. Just remember to signal, because road communication applies to parking lots too.

Ford Fusion

The Ford Fusion can fuse you with the popular kids and enlighten you on fuel economy. You’ll enjoy a long range of miles in this vehicle while not having to worry about breaking your high school income budget.

Pontiac Grand Am

They call the Grand Am the grand reliable because it’s a car that just won’t quit, just like your passion to climb the high school’s social ranks. If you really want to impress your fellow classmates, then hop behind the wheel of a Pontiac Grand Am and show everyone how great of a defensive driver you are.

Honda Accord

The Honda Accord is the perfect vehicle for teens. It’s simple, sophisticated (but not in your computer science club kind of way), and it is very fuel efficient. Accord-ing to our records, you’ll chances are high that you’ll befriend the high school point guard in one of these – especially if you get to drive him to practice after school every day. Lucky!

Toyota Sienna

That’s right. It’s another minivan. The Toyota Sienna will give you the comfort of social power and the security you need if you crash into the principal’s Lexus. When you’re leaving detention, you can take the entire cafeteria of delinquents home in one of these.

Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V will have you saying, “Honda C-YA later, losers!” This vehicle is a powerhouse of efficiency when you’re driving it to and from school. It even has the necessary spacious room you get from a SUV. Next stop, under the bleachers!

Pontiac Vibe

The Pontiac Vibe will be delivering the good vibes to you and your new friend groups. At least, that’s what you’ll tell them when you’re driving them to all the cool parties and you get to sit behind the wheel. Double lucky!

Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry is a mid-size, fuel efficient vehicle that will make your friends contemplate how often you need to refuel. The Camry is also extremely secure on the roads and has a very soft engine, which will keep you from making a scene when you pull up late or accidently skip out early.

Acura TSX

When you realize that cars can’t win social influence in your high school, the Acura TSX will be there to drive you to your favorite crying spot. It’s also a reliable car that will be there for you through thick and thin. It might be clunky, but it sure is loyal!