Every Texan knows the horrendous stories of driving around Beaumont, Texas or Houston, Texas. The terrifying road conditions and gridlock traffic would leave anyone turning in their sleep. Moreover, when two cities in Texas are similar, in whatever way possible, they must duke it out to discover who’s the best.

In this case, which city is the best at having the worst traffic: Beaumont, Texas or Houston, Texas? To answer this perplexing question, we have to weigh the contributions to traffic build up. Below is your guide on which city has the worst traffic conditions in Texas.

Beaumont, Texas Traffic

Rush Hour

texas traffic

Rush Hour traffic is a plague on the idea of a timely arrival. For several hours in a day, the roads of Beaumont fill up with anxious drivers leaving for work or speeding home. Between 7:00 AM and 8:00 AM, Beaumont experiences high volumes of traffic, because, apparently, a lot of people work the ol’ 9 to 5 grind.

Traffic Accidents

traffic accident

Traffic Accidents can cause major congestion and worsen peak busy hours. In 2014, Beaumont experienced nearly 642 traffic accidents. It could have been less, but people didn’t enroll in their Texas online defensive driving course. With statistics like this, the biggest accident is choosing to drive in the city.

Road Conditions

bad road conditions

Road Conditions can bring traffic to a screeching halt. Whether there’s hindering construction, or you drive over a camouflaged pothole that destroys your tires, the condition of the road contributes greatly to the flow of traffic. Beaumont receives countless complaints of the poor road conditions and not enough on the lack of Whataburgers.

Speed Traps

beaumont speed trap

Speed Traps will ruin anyone’s day. Getting slapped with a speeding ticket will force you to cough up hundreds of dollars. It will also make getting through traffic worse. Littered along I-10 are traps set to catch anyone exceeding the speed limit. Drive the speed limit or break your wallet’s limit.

Houston, Texas Traffic

Rush Hour

houston traffic

Rush Hour is expected in large cities. What isn’t expected is how much longer it lasts in Houston than it does in smaller cities, like Beaumont. From 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM and from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM, the city of Houston experiences massive delays in traffic, because of car congestion from busy commuters. Rush hour is longer in the evening, because Houston has a great selection of Whataburgers.

Downtown Traffic

downtown houston traffic

Downtown Traffic is a whole other story. When rush hour stops everywhere else, downtown traffic continues to persevere. Instead of calling it “rush hour,” in downtown Houston, they just call it “rush forever.”

Road Conditions

houston road condition

Road Conditions in Houston are… not the worst. Despite the massive number of commuters, the infrastructure around Space City is in pretty good condition. However, that doesn’t account for road construction, which adds time to anyone’s commute.

Speed Traps

houston speed trap

Speed Traps are set up around the city. Except trapping season is all year long. Specifically, police like to target highways when setting up a speed trap. This is to catch people running late for work or trying to get home in a hurry. If you have a honey butter chicken biscuit from Whataburger in your passenger seat, who wouldn’t be in a hurry.

It’s hard to compare the two cities. However, when it comes to traffic, they both have a notorious reputation. The only true way to discover which city has the worst traffic is by visiting the areas. Except we’ve been checking the traffic radar for downtown Houston all day and it’s STILL considered rush hour.