Be Safe Behind The Wheel All Year Long

Want to know who is most thankful for safe drivers? The police.

Just ask any California police officer, especially those who patrol interstate highways, and they will tell you, their worst memories are of crash scenes. People injured or killed through driver negligence; children hurt or left without a parent, or parents; innocent bystanders struck because they just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Being a safe, defensive driver is no accident. An online traffic school can help. Anyone who has attended traffic school will admit they walked out smarter than when they walked in, no matter how much they believed they wouldn’t. Safe driving is a skill that is honed through practice and careful study. As we get older those skills sometimes lose their edge and we find ourselves unable to keep up with the ever-changing demands of safe highway driving. Vehicles become faster, more complicated and perhaps more difficult to operate, and as we travel farther by car than we have ever gone before we are likely to drive into areas which are unfamiliar, leaving us at a loss to understand local traffic laws, throughways or just plain lost and confused.

There are also more distractions behind the wheel than we have ever had before. People today have to be cautioned about not just talking on a cell phone behind the wheel, but also texting. We have DVD players in our cars, onboard computers, dashboard mounted computer screens and a plethora devices meant to make the driving experience more pleasant but that also can distract us from our priority–driving!

If you think your defensive driving skills are losing their edge, or just want to brush up on a skill you probably take for granted, do yourself a favor (and the local police) and consider a traffic school online. You’ll thank yourself later.

Image: m_bartosch /