Making a move to Texas? If you consider yourself a defensive driver then you better make certain your vehicle is in excellent working order or you won’t be able to transfer your registration. You might also receive a citation for a vehicle malfunction if your clunky automobile is spotted by police.

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles makes it very clear what you need to do to registers your vehicle in their state if you make a move there. The steps are easy enough if your vehicle is in good working order, and there is no reason to try ad put it off. It’s only a matter of time until a cop sees you have the wrong plates and decides to stop you.

For everyone who moves to Texas they have 30 days to get their vehicle registered or risk a citation. The first step is to get your vehicle inspected. There are an abundance of qualified vehicle inspection sites. You can make an appointment or just show up and take your chances on the wait. They will perform an inspection of your vehicle, checking the lights, horn and emissions; and the general quality of your vehicle. If your vehicle passes inspection you will be given a vehicle inspection sticker you can display in your windshield so everybody (especially law enforcement) know your vehicle is permitted to at least be on the roads in Texas.

Once your vehicle has passed inspection it will be time to visit your county tax office with all of the following:

* inspection certification,
* proof of liability insurance,
* the vehicle’s odometer reading if it is less than 10 years old,
* ownership document, which may be:
an original out-of-state title,
proof of registration (for non-title state),
current foreign/military ownership document, or
foreign evidence of ownership
* completed Form 130-U (if applying for registration only, without a Texas title, please attach a completed Form VTR-272), and

* and of course, the following fees:
registration fee,
title application fee of $28 or $33, depending on the county, and
new resident tax of $90 or proof of sales tax payment

It is possible there will be more fees you have to pay once you show up, so be certain you bring your check book!

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