‘Click It or Ticket’ has come to Arkansas in a big way. For the next month every police officer in the state will be focused on making certain everyone who rides in a vehicle is properly restrained. Seat belts for adults and car seats or boosters for children.

Seat belts save live
s. Study after study has shown this to be true but yet some people continue to refuse to wear them. They complain because that seat belts are too restrictive, or that in the event of a vehicle accident the seat belt would prevent them from jumping clear of the wreckage (as if that might happen.) Some people who are obese complain that the seat belts are just too uncomfortable to wear.

Look folks, seat belts are not designed to be comfortable. They are not designer labeled nor are they made to accentuate your eye color. They are designed to save your life in the event of a vehicle collision and they work. But only if you wear them.

Sitting on your seat belt, tucking it under your arm or not wearing it at all will not help the seat belt do its job when it comes to saving your life. It needs to be properly fastened around and across your body if you expect it to keep you flying around the cabin like a rag doll in a runaway locomotive.

In Arkansas police are embarking on a month long campaign to remind drivers around the state that wearing a seat belt is not only safe, not only smart but also the law. That’s right. If you refuse to wear your seat belt for any reason police will find you and you will get a ticket. Nobody understands the dangers of driving without a seat belt as well as the people who are first on the scene of vehicle accidents every day. And they take their job of public safety very seriously.