The Arizona Trail is closed between Forest Road 303 at Watson Tank to the junction of Forest Road 310 and 301 near Lockett Lake due to heavy smoke caused by raging wildfires within the Grand Canyon National Park.

Firefighters have been battling the unusually large and destructive blaze for days now, but severe drought and strong winds have made it difficult for them to get the upper hand. The fact that the fire is happening in areas which are difficult for fire crews to reach in order to fight the fire effectively has made their job even more difficult.

Heavy smoke along roadways creates a very dangerous situation for drivers, especially those who are unaccustomed to driving in it. Even experienced drivers can have a hard time because being able to see the road ahead of you is an important part of defensive driving.

This hazardous situation has prompted fire officials to make the closing of the Arizona Trail, and possibly other trails and roads in the area. As the fire continues to grow and spread it is very likely that other areas will become impassable and drivers across the region will be effected.

While the wildfire remains out of control, and even once it comes under control but firefighters continue to fight it, drivers in the region need to use extreme caution and avoid driving in the affected areas unless absolutely necessary.

Smoke may be visible along State Highway 64 and in various locations within Grand Canyon National Park. Visitors may also see fire equipment and personnel in the area. Drivers should be aware of the potential for traffic control near the Grandview Tower and should watch for, and obey, traffic control signs and personnel. Drivers are asked not to stop when driving in the vicinity of the fire.