Arizona police has arrested a man they say admitted smoking marijuana before getting into a vehicle with his nine-year-old child. Police observed the man driving erratically and quickly pulled him over.

Police in many states have begun asking legislators to empower them to test drivers who they believe may be under the influence of marijuana. They say that although marijuana usage has become more common it is no less dangerous then ever before. In fact, because the potency of some marijuana plants is much more powerful than ever before, it is even more dangerous today than it was a decade ago.

So far, there are no adequately effective on-the-spot tests which police can use, such as a breathalyzer for alcohol, which can determine how ‘high’ someone is, but they don’t need it to bust a driver they seeing driving poorly, regardless of why they might be doing it.

Eric Caviness, 32, failed to use a turn signal and made several wide turns when he was pulled over at about 2:45 p.m. Friday near Extension Road and Southern Avenue in Mesa, police said.

Caviness told police he smoked marijuana about an hour earlier in Tempe and gave officers a brown cigarette that later tested positive for the drug, according to police.

Police said Caviness’ license was suspended and he was arrested on suspicion of aggravated DUI.