President Barack Obama’s deportation deferral program is aimed at young people who were brought to the United States illegally and have remained here. The goal of the program is to allow these individual to legally qualify for state assistance and start on the road to legal citizenship.

However, the president’s action have resulted in outrage at what some state legislators and governors are calling “amnesty” for illegal immigrants. Arisona is one of the most outspoken of these states and Gov. Jan Brewer has made no secret of the fact she will defy the federal order and do everything in her power to prevent the same people targeted by the deferral program from receiving a state driver’s license. This is hardly the first time Brewer has taken a hard stance against illegal immigrants and policies which seek to assist anyone in the country illegally. Arizona has some of the toughest laws against illegal immigrants and Brewer’s policies draw a line in the sand when it comes to what privileges they are are afforded.

In California it is anticipated that nearly half a million people will now qualify for a state issued driver’s license under the federal deportation deferral program. The state is preparing for this influx of new drivers while right next door Arizona is doing everything in its power to prevent it altogether.

One way or another it seems likely that many new drivers will soon be driving legally in the United States. So drive defensively, no matter where you live.

Arizona was the first state to announce it. On Aug. 15, the first day the federal government began accepting applications for the program, Gov. Jan Brewer signed an executive order directing state agencies to deny driver’s licenses to dreamers.

Arizona laws prohibit undocumented immigrants from receiving taxpayer-funded public benefits, such as driver’s licenses and state identification cards. Brewer argued that because the deferred action program does not grant undocumented youth a legal status, the state is not obligated to give them driver’s licenses.