Arizona does not allow anyone who is not a U.S. citizen to obtain a state driver’s license, but they do make their driving manual available in both English and Spanish.

Arizona also makes both versions of their state issued driving manuals available online as a downloadable PDF. These manuals are updated regularly but the web site makes it clear that changes may have been made since the last update (the current manuals available online were updated in January) and provides a link to find out if these are the most current manuals.

Having access to the Arizona state driving manual online makes it much easier for people to study for their driving license exam, or simply brush up on state driving laws. They also offer a practice test for those who want to prepare for the Arizona state driving test.
Access online is widely becoming a go-to resource for people who simply do not want to trudge down to the local driver’s license branch to get a manual. Arizona provides a wealth of other services online such as license renewal and registration renewal.

Arizona is hardly the only state which has taken advantage of the ease-of-access offered by the Internet. Just about every state offers online access to state driving laws, driving manuals and services such as driver’s license renewal and vehicle registration. If you are unsure what online services and information are available from your local driver’s license branch, go online and check it out. You might be able to save yourself a trip to the local branch.