Interestingly enough, although American drivers nearly all admit doing things behind the wheel they shouldn’t be doing, like eating, talking on the phone; speeding or not following all posted traffic signs, they also nearly all claim that the biggest problem on the roads today has nothing to do with them.

In other words, they say it’s almost always the ‘other guy’ who was at fault.

This information comes to us courtesy of a new survey conducted for Ford Motor Co. by Penn Schoen Berland which shows that while American drivers may say their ‘safe drivers’ they also admit doing a good number of things which fall into the ‘unsafe’ category.

Vehicle collisions remain a leading cause of death in the United States, despite major advances in vehicle safety and driver safety awareness. For instance, although nearly everyone you ask will likely admit that distracted driving is dangerous, in the same breath they will also admit they do it regularly. Everyone from the mom driving a vehicle full of kids to the soccer game to the college student driving and chatting on the cell phone, they are all putting themselves and other drivers at risk because of their poor behavior behind the wheel.

And that doesn’t include the drivers who get behind the wheel “buzzed” or those who speed regularly, or those who think a stop sign is just a suggestion to slow down before crossing the intersection.

Americans own more cars than any other nation in the world. They also suffer more deaths as a result of vehicle crashes than any other nation in the world. Certainly there is a connection between how they drive and the results of all the driving they do. The only problem with that connection seems to be getting American drivers to admit that there is one.