New Mexico is one of just a handful of states which does not have a statewide distracted driving ban for handheld devices. In fact, the state only bans the use of handheld or hands-free cell phones for novice drivers and those driving state vehicles.

Otherwise, drivers in New Mexico can talk, text, email or just about whatever they’d like behind the wheel.

Apparently, although this might seem to be fine for state legislators, some New Mexico municipalities are looking to take matters into their own hands and ban the use of certain devices for people who are trying to navigate local roads and highways.

Alamogordo is the latest New Mexico city to seek a municipal ban on the use of some handheld devices by drivers, although so far city leaders have not yet found a mutually acceptable law. They are still debating the issue, however, and it seems likely that some form of a cell phone ban, or perhaps texting ban, will eventually become law in the city.

Believe it or not, it is currently illegal for anyone to drive in Alamogordo with their arm around someone else (for safety reasons) and it is against the law there for someone to drive with someone else sitting on their lap (for similar reasons) yet drivers can right now send a text message to someone else while operating a motor vehicle.

Sooner or later Alamogordo lawmakers are going to work out the specifics of a texting while driving ban (at the very least) and give their citizens one more traffic safety law designed to actually keep them safe.