According to a story posted at, a web site which provides news for Staten Island, an aggressive driver has been posting videos of his dangerous driving tactics in a series of YouTube videos.

The site provide video clips and links to the YouTube channel videos posted by someone under the screen name of “we5leyz”, but both the videos and a number of other purportedly “dangerous driving” videos were either taken down by that user or marked as “private” within hours of the story being posted. reporters made contact with the individual behind the “we5leyz” screen name and say they are working on a follow-up story, but so far nothing further has developed. If the information which SILive.come reports about the videos is true, the driver of the vehicle could face some serious charges, including speeding, endangering a minor, speeding and reckless driving in a school zone, illegal lane change, illegal turn and passing on the right. These charges could result in serious fines and a possible suspended license. It is also likely the driver would be required to attend a New York State certified defensive driving course. reports that in the video the driver use a dashboard mounted video camera to record themselves doing all these activities and more, including using a train horn which they have installed in your vehicle to frighten children, pedestrians and other drivers. It is beyond belief that the driver would endanger the lives of others for a few cheap thrills and even more unbelievable that they would film themselves doing it and then post these videos on YouTube.

Police do not need to witness you breaking driving laws to file charges, all they need is evidence of you doing something wrong. Filming yourself doing something illegal, dangerous (not to mention stupid) and then posting it publicly is all evidence they need to make those charges stick.

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