Arizona Department of Transportation is cautioning drivers and web surfers that fake ADOT web sites are starting to create a serious hazard for them.

The ADOT does not maintain the Internet Super Highway, but it does monitor what transpires online and how it might impact Arizona. Their most recent warning is aimed at anyone who might want to make of the Arizona Department of Transportation web site. The Arizona Motor Vehicle Division is the only web site which can officially authorize motor vehicle services such as registration renewals, specialty license plates or a duplicate driver’s license. In fact, although some bogus web sites offer to help drivers renew their driver’s license or get a driver’s license, all of that work must be done in-person at an authorized Arizona Motor Vehicle Division office or authorized third-party site.

These ADOT warnings came about last week when it was discovered that some fake web sites had started collecting people’s driver license information, credit card information and other payments in order to complete an assortment of registration functions. Drivers who unwittingly supplied their personal information or paid for these services received nothing in return and left themselves open to further cyber attack and personal identity theft.

If you have need of driver’s license or vehicle registration services from the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division, be certain you are visiting the correct web site, or, do your business with them in person. Using the Internet is a great way to save some time, especially if you work during the same times that the local offices are open, but you need to take precautions. If you are unsure which site is the right it only takes a minute to call the local office and confirm you are at the right site before committing any of your personal information.