What does a Totally 80’s Rock Concert, Dodger Baseball Game and night out at the symphony all have in common? The hour long wait you’ll have to spend in your car trying to get out of the parking lot afterwards. As much as you love spending time with your buddies and bonding over shared experiences, sometimes the torture of being trapped in a car with them while in a state of extreme fatigue… overrides the fun.
Don’t let this happen to you! To ensure that your “good times” do not become “bad memories,” check out the list of the top 5 ways of getting out of a packed parking lot.

5. Leave The Event Early
This choice may be the least fun of the five, but the results are spectacular! This option works best when you leave during the peak moment of the event. Perhaps the game went into overtime, or the play is only in part 2 of 5 – whatever you do, try to calculate your departure to be between 35-55 minutes earlier than the rest of the crowd. This will guarantee the smoothest of sailings out of the lot.

4. Block The South Gate
This option does not reflect the opinions and thoughts of the IMPROV™ Traffic School, however, it has received good ratings of those who currently belong to a fraternity or pro-league dodgeball team. What you do is block off the south gate, also known as the least conspicuous gate, with signs that say, “Not In Service.” This will deter future drivers from using the gate, and will leave a wide opening for you and your crew to make a quick and clean departure from your event since cars heading for exits will be going in the opposite direction.

3. Park Right Next To the Exit
Seems like an easy solution, right? This tactic usually works, especially when the exit is a walking distance of 1.3 miles or more from the venue. So as long as you and your cohorts are up for a little exercise before the sunrise, this is the option for you.

2. Create A Diversion
This preference is often performed by ex-detectives and bandits. If it works for them, it can work for you too! This option requires a bit of planning. You have to think about the type of crowd that travels to your specific event, then act upon their inner-most wants and desires. For example: a classic rock concert goer has a special attraction to free T-shirts; therefore, you can create a diversion by giving away free merchandise on one side of the parking lot, while your buddies hightail it to the opposite side of the lot. Be creative.

1. Rent A Tractor
This selection may be a bit pricey, but will do the job right. All you have to do is get behind the wheel, move the front shovel up and down a couple of times, and the cars will get out of your way! You and your friends can drive that puppy all across the lot without a sense of congestion. If you are thinking about taking the machine to the streets however, you may want to read your state’s traffic laws regarding correct speed and driver license type.