New York is one of the most popular states in the country. However, that still doesn’t prevent people from having a few misconceptions about it. Popular movie depictions of New York don’t do the state justice. If you’ve ever visited, you’ll notice they’re state stereotypes. Below are 14 common misconceptions about New York.

New York is just a city

Did you know it’s also state? Whenever people mention New York, they’re usually referring to the city. However, the state is much more than that. There’s a whole world out there, like Albany!

There’s nothing but concrete

With 10 national parks, 215 state parks, and countless towns on a lakes, rivers, and ocean, New York is more than a concrete jungle. It’s a natural jungle of breathtaking lakes, mountains, and forests.

You either ride in a taxi or drive a taxi

New York City has the best public transportation in the country. There are more ways to get around than taking a cab. It might be hard to believe, but the state animal of New York isn’t the taxi.

New York City is dangerous

As the largest metropolitan area in the nation, New York City’s crime rate has been relatively low. The city has the connotation of being dangerous and crime-ridden. In reality, the homicide rate has been the lowest since the 1940’s!

Everyone is rude

People aren’t rude in New York. Everyone has places to be and busy jobs to work. It’s less of them being rude and more of them not caring about you.

My dreams will totally come true

You’ve been told your whole life, “if you want to be successful, all you have to do is move to the Big Apple!” Turns out the only way your dreams come true is if you work hard.

Bigfoot doesn’t live in New York state

We know what we saw!

Everyone is rich

People outside of the state think everyone who lives in New York is rich. However, New York suffers from its own disproportionate socio-economic income gap just like every other state in the country.

There’s nothing else to do except to see the city

Nature excursions, concerts, fairs, beaches, and theme parks prove this is a major misconception. The countryside can be more fun than the city.

It’s either too hot or too cold

People associate New York’s weather with insulated heat waves in the city or unforgiving blizzards in the north. What they don’t notice are cool autumn evenings, warm spring days, and even the occasional tropical storm or hurricane.

Upstate is everything north of NYC

People think Upstate refers to anything north of NYC. Upstate actually refers to the very northern edges of the state. Also known as where nobody ever travels.

Everyone has road rage

Movies depict drivers in NY to be angry, aggressive, and loud. What they don’t know is driving in the state is safe. While on the roads, you’ll see the best defensive driving NY has to offer.

Reptilian people live beneath the surface

A race of reptilian people does not live beneath the surface of New York. We have, on good authority, that you should definitely not dig beneath the surface, especially between Rochester and Pittsford off 31.

The only good foods are pizza and bagels

There’s more than pizza and bagels in New York. In fact, you’ll find endless cultural cuisines and fusion dishes. Especially, in New York City, because there’s at least one big apple!