Why You Should Care About Your Driving Record

Mistakes happen more often than you might think! It has been shown that many Florida driving records contain errors, and because these mistakes can equate to those evil points on your license which jack up your insurance rates, you have to take charge of reviewing your record for accuracy. Errors on your driving record can also cause you to receive fines and even be denied employment! Your Driving Record is No Laughing Matter!

The Stats Speak For Themselves

Did you know over 20% of drivers’ records have mistakes? The Insurance Research Council reports legally “dismissed” tickets can remain on driver records due to clerical slip-ups! These inaccuracies cost some serious cash in ridiculous insurance premiums and missed opportunities. The only way to defend yourself is to examine your driver’s record.

Be Defensive! Trust No One!

First, get a copy of your driving record from MyImprov.com.

Then, look for these wicked gremlins as you review your record:

  • Fines listed as “outstanding”
  • Dismissed tickets still showing on your record
  • Any citation over ten years old
  • Anything mysterious that you know is not correct, like a citation you did not receive
  • Make sure all your information is current, right down to your age and gender!

Dodge the Paperwork!

While the DMV forces you to complete a pile of mind-numbing paperwork and then play the waiting game before seeing your record, Florida Traffic School by Improv makes the process as pleasant as driving with the top down on a spring day.

Nobody wants to go to the DMV when they can get their driving record online! Due to taking their driving record information into their own hands, many people have gotten their records corrected, gotten premiums lowered and removed a myriad of obstacles from their professional career path.

Hit the Brakes on Anything Else You Might be Doing and Get Your Driving Record Now!

Protect yourself from inaccurate information and the headaches it can cause you.

Complete our easy form. It takes about as much time as sitting at a red light.

  1. Choose how you want to receive your record.
  2. And then of course, pay us for our services.

Now, drive happy!

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