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The Road to your Florida Drivers License Begins Now

First-time drivers that have not been licensed in any other state including Florida are required to take the 4-hour Florida Drug and Alcohol Course. If you are a Florida teen wanting to get your Florida drivers permit or you are an adult over age 18 years old and have never been licensed in any state, this is the right course for you! Completing your Florida drivers ed course online is the most simple way to satisfy Florida state requirements and get you on the road!

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Improv’s Florida Drivers Ed Course is Fast, Fun, and Done!

  • FL DHSMV approved
  • Fun and simple
  • Take the course at your convenience from home or anywhere using a mobile device or tablet. Complete the 4-hour course in one sitting or spend as much time as you need to learn and study for your permit exam.
  • Helpful tools for both teens and parents! See Helpful Resources below.
  • Comedy Breaks: Take a break to watch some funny videos related to driving!
  • Prepares you to easily pass your Florida permit test

Helpful Resources for Both Parents and Teens

Teens: Take our Free 50-question Florida Learner Permit Practice Test as many times as you need to feel confident for the real thing! Further test your knowledge by taking the Florida DHSMV simulated permit exam.

Parents and Teens:


Steps from Florida Learners Permit to FL Driver License

Drivers Education doesn′t exactly conjure up visions of the fun that the Florida theme parks may, but it doesn′t have to be a grueling experience either. There are four steps that will need to be taken to accomplish the task of getting your Florida Driver License.

Step 1: Sign-up for our First-Time Florida Driver Ed Course

We have a simple and fun way to prepare for your learner′s permit. Our four-hour online course can be taken when you are ready to take it from the convenience of wherever there is internet access. In no time you will be ready to acquire your learner′s permit.

Step 2: Get Your Florida Learners Permit

If you are 15 years of age or older and a Florida resident, you can get your Florida Learner Permit if you provide the following:

  1. Identification

    You will need to present a valid form of identification. These may include:

    1. One primary form of identification such as:
      • A certified U.S. birth certificate that has been by the government agency. A hospital birth certificate will not be acceptable.
      • A U.S. passport that is currently valid.
      • A U.S. Naturalization certificate.
      • Other proof of your birthdate.
    2. A secondary form of I.D. This may include:
      • A school record that indicates the date of birth and the signature of the registrar.
      • A certificate of baptism which includes your birthdate and where you were baptized.
      • A record noted in a family bible or a birth announcement from a baby book.
      • A life insurance policy that includes the date of birth and that has been in force for a minimum of two years. An insurance policy on the customer′s life which has been in force for at least two years and has the month, day and year of birth
    3. Documentation of a valid social security number. This may include:
      • An actual original Social Security card.
      • A W-2 form
      • A recent income tax return
      • A recent paycheck that includes your SSI number
      • A school record that shows your SSI number
  2. Proof of your current residential address.
  3. A license from another state or proof that you have completed a Florida TLSAE course and successfully passed.
  4. A notarized Parental Consent Form, or a consent form signed by a parent while the driver license examiner is present. You can find this form here. For minors under the age of 18 who are unmarried, a parent or legal guardian must sign the license application. A step-parent is not considered a legal guardian unless you have been legally adopted by them.
  5. The following tests are required:
    • The written exam. If you are under 18 years of age, you can take the Florida permit test online! The written Florida driver test includes two multiple-choice areas. There is a Road Rules section on the State of Florida traffic laws and a Road Signs section. Each of these sections includes twenty questions. Passage requires getting 15 of the 20 questions in each of the sections answered correctly.
    • A mechanical vision test that shows you have at least 20/40 vision in each of your eyes and both of your eyes together. This can be accomplished with or without corrective lenses.
    • Successfully completing a hearing test

    The State of Florida has certain conditions for driving under a Florida learner permit. These include:

    • You may only drive in the daylight for the first 90 days.
    • You may drive until 1am after the first 90 days.
    • A licensed driver who has reached the age of 21 must be with you in the front passenger seat when you are driving.

Step 3: Perform Parent-Supervised In-Car Training Parameters

This is a step that you need to complete prior to gaining your first-time driver license. Florida law states that a parent or guardian has to certify that a teen has spent the following amount of in car training time:

  • Minimum of 50 hours behind the wheel.
  • Ten of those 50 hours must be certified to have been at night.
  • A licensed driver 21 or over must occupy the front passenger seat.

Step 4: Getting your Florida Intermediate Driver License

To get your intermediate driver license you must be at least 16 years old, and have held a learner permit for a minimum 12 months with no infractions. These are the documents that must be provided:

  • A valid Florida learner′s license or a license from a different state that is valid.
  • Parent or legal guardian certification that there has been a minimum of 50 hours spent behind the wheel in practice driving and ten of those at night.

The final step is to successfully complete a driving test. In a driving test you will be asked to undertake a series of manoeuvres.

There are some conditions that come with driving under a Florida Intermediate license:

  • Sixteen year-olds are only allowed to operate a vehicle between 6 am and 11pm. There are two exceptions. You can drive outside of these hours if driving is work related or if you have a properly licensed, 21 or older driving in the front passenger seat.
  • Seventeen year olds have the same restrictions; however driving hours are extended to 5am through 1am.

Checklist for your Florida Learner′s Permit Appointment at the DMV

In order to prevent any delays in getting your Florida learner permit, it is very important that you meet all requirements and go to your DMV appointment prepared with all necessary forms and documents.


You must be 15 ½ years old and under 18 years old in order to apply for a Florida Learner Permit.

Forms and Documents

If you are 15 years of age or older and a Florida resident, you can get your Florida Learner Permit if you provide the following:

  • Florida TLSAE course proof of completion

  • Parental Content Form This form must be signed in front of a FL DHSMV examiner. If parent or guardian will not be with you at your appointment, you will need to have your parents sign and notarize this form and bring with you to your appointment.

  • Proof of Identity (one of the below-listed documents ­ must be original or certified copy):

    - Certified U.S. Birth Certificate issued by a government agency.
    - Valid U.S. Passport
    - Naturalization Certificate (Form N-550 or Form N-570)
    - Citizenship Certificate (Form N-560 or Form N-561)

  • Proof of SSN (one of the below-listed documents ­ must show your full name and SSN):

    - Original Social security card (must not be a copy)
    - Form W-2 (must not be handwritten)
    - Paycheck stub
    - Form SSA-1099
    – Any Form 1099 (must not be handwritten)

    Please Note: If you do not have a Social Security Number, please refer to SSN information and instructions from the FL DHSMV

  • Proof of Address (TWO documents from the below listed of choices will be required reflecting your home address (online copies or faxed copies of these documents are allowed).

    - Two different documents that will demonstrate proof of address from parent, step-parent, legal guardian or another person residing in the same household, along with a statement from the same person stating that you live at that address.
    - Health/Medical card listing home address
    - Current year school transcript with home address listed
    - Form W-2 or Form 1099
    – A letter from a half-way house or homeless shelter which states that you receive mail at that address along with an Address Certification Form
    – Current Utility bills (must be current within two months)
    – Statements from banks/financial institutions (must be current within two months)
    – Mail from governmental agencies

    Please Note: Your current ID card will not be acceptable for proof of address.


Florida Driver Education: Your Role as a Parent-Coach

Coaching your Teen through FL Drivers Ed Course: Safety as Top Priority

Your teen may see driving as a gleeful burst of independence, but you as a parent may not be as gung-ho. That′s because you know there′s a lot more to driver education and driving than slipping a key in the ignition and hitting the gas. Getting your Florida Learner Permit and Driver license requires skills and responsibility as well as knowledge of and willingness to follow the rules of the road.

Here′s where our Florida Drivers Education comes in. With driver safety as the top priority, our award-winning defensive driving course offers a state-approved, online Traffic Law and Alcohol course that is required by Florida Law. Your teen can complete when and where it′s most convenient. This sets the stage for a more relaxed learning environment in which your new driver can acquire the skills and knowledge needed before even getting a foot near the gas pedal.

Lessons Adapt to Teen′s Needs

The FL Drivers Ed course consists of four hours of lessons which your teen can complete how and when it works best. The flexible format meets a variety of learning styles and speeds and takes away the pressures of classroom learning. Your child has the freedom to pursue the lessons in manner that allows him or her to fully absorb it.

Your Part as a Parent Instructor

The instructor role goes to the parent, giving you supervision duties over your teen&prime’s online driver education and driving practice. The driving practice sessions are at your discretion, of course, but we can fill you in on what our online driving lessons entail. Text lessons make up the foundation of our course, and they are enhanced with interactive teaching tools, graphics, videos and audio clips. The combination serves to keep your teen′s interest as well as get students directly involved in the learning process. The course broken down into chapters, which your teen undertakes at his or her own pace, building on the knowledge as the lessons move along.

A Certification of Completion is the final reward, and your teen achieves this by passing the final exam and providing proof of successful completion of a 4 Hr. Drug and Alcohol Course approved by the state. Once the Certificate is issued, we report your teen′s driving status to the DHSMV. We also report Permit Exam results if your teen chooses to complete that exam online.

Getting your Florida Learners Permit

The next step for your teen is passing the written exam and driving test from the DHSMV. We have online resources that can help you and your teen prepare.

Don’t Forget the Parent-Teen "Handshake"

Once your teen is a licensed Florida driver, a Parent-Teen Driving Agreement can come into play. Such a contract establishes the ground rules for driving and the consequences when the rules are broken. We offer a free Parent-Teen Driving Agreement with each TLSAE course, which you can use and adapt as needed. The contract reinforces the new driver′s need to be responsible, touching on topics that range from curfews to passenger limits and setting the stage for safe, responsible driving.

Parents, test your knowledge of Florida Laws for teen drivers by taking FL DHSMV Parent Test.

Need More Info?

You or your teen can always contact us with any concerns or questions about our course or general Florida license questions. We answer phone calls within an average of 45 seconds and our emails within 24 hours or less.

Rev up for Your Lessons Now!

It only takes a few minutes to sign up for our course, firmly putting your teen on the ideal route for safe driving for years to come. Sign up today!

Parents, Coach Your Teen through Florida Driver Education

Start Florida Drivers Ed on the Right Path

When sitting behind the wheel, both parent and teen should feel confident and safe. At Driver License Direct by Improv, our goal is to ensure this happens by creating safe and responsible drivers out of your teens. You are your child′s primary coach throughout each of their practice driving sessions. Keeping that in mind, consider a few tips to make this a more successful process for everyone and the Florida drivers test a walk in the park.

Have a Plan

download the FL DHSMV Parent-Teen Driving Skills Guide

  • Know where you will practice driving before you get in the car. Start in an empty parking lot. Then, once both of you feel your teen is ready, move onto safe, slow side streets without much traffic.
  • Determine the route you take before you get in the car. This reduces confusion.
  • Also before leaving, talk about the specific skills you want your teen to focus on. This way, he or she can focus on mastering a set of skills before getting on the road and isn′t overwhelmed.

Be Ready Before Turning on the Ignition

  • As your teen sits down, he or she needs to adjust the mirrors. The passenger-side mirror should be one you adjust so you can see.
  • Buckle in. And, as the passenger, you need to remain calm throughout the process.

Focus on Simple Tasks

  • As you drive, keep instructions simple. Give those instructions far enough in advance that the teen can process and then take the right steps.
  • Encourage your driver to talk about what he or she is seeing and feeling.
  • Remain calm throughout the experience.
  • Give plenty of praise to your teen during the drive.
  • Don′t talk about other subjects. Let the teen focus.
  • When mistakes are made, ask your teen to pull to the side of the road and then talk about it in a clam manner.
  • Monitor your teen for stress and help him or her to relax.

After the Trip

  • Talk about the positives first when you arrive home.
  • If the teen made mistakes, discuss them calmly. Give the teen a chance to ask questions.
  • Talk about how well you did, too. Did you remain calm?

What You Need to Know about Teen Driver Education

  • Before you begin teaching your child how to drive, have a frank and open discussing with the child about the process and the responsibility it involves. This type of conversation is just as important as those about drugs and sex.
  • Be sure to use a Parent-Teen Driving Agreement. This tool allows you to communicate with your student regarding the expectations. You can download the contract right now, read through it together, and agree to the terms.

Now you are ready to start driving with your teen!

Helpful Resources for Both Parents and Teens

Teens: Take our Free 50-question Florida Learners Permit Practice Test as many times as you need to feel confident for the real thing! Further test your knowledge by taking the Florida DHSMV simulated permit exam.

Parents and Teens:



What is the FL TLSAE Course?

The Florida Traffic Law and Substance Abuse (TLSAE) course is a Florida drivers education course that all teens in the state must complete to get their Florida learners permit. It teaches the basics regarding responsible driving, and the problems associated with abusing drugs and alcohol.

Is Driver License Direct by Improv a FL DMV Approved Online Drivers Ed course?

Absolutely! Our easy to take FL TLSAE course can be competed in just four hours and meets all of the requirements to get the first-time learner′s permit in Florida. Teens love it because it doesn’t have to be taken all at once. You can complete it at your pace!

What is the Florida Driver′s Guide for Parents and Teens?

In the Sunshine State, parents or legal guardians need to spend 50 hours with their teen drivers as part of their FL behind the wheel driver education training. Ten of those need to involve night-driving. The Florida DHSMV created a handy guide which includes details about the driving skills a teen will need to know and that the parent will coach their teen drivers to do properly! It also includes the form that will need to be signed in the presence of the FL DHSMV test examiner by the parent or guardian. If the parent or guardian cannot be present, the signed form can be notarized.

How do I know I′m taking the right course?

It can be a bit confusing. After all, the course is known by several titles. They may refer to the Florida Drivers Ed Course as The Florida First Time Drivers Course, TLSAE, The Florida Drug and Alcohol Course, or ADAPT. Regardless of what it is being called, they are all one in the same. Our course is compliant with Florida regulations and is what you need to apply for your Florida learners permit.

Can I take the course in increments or do I have to take the whole course at once?

No! That′s why so many like our approach. You decide when and where you will study. Take your time as it fits into your schedule. Our Florida Drivers Course online is designed for convenience and to work around your busy teen schedule!

How long does it take to get my Certificate of Completion?

This is another reason people love us. We report that you have completed your course to the DHSMV for you, usually within a single day of completion. We will provide you with a TLSAE Course diploma which you can immediately download and print/save to your computer after you complete the course. You may even want to print the diploma on some nice paper, frame it, then hang on your bedroom wall in to remind yourself of your achievement toward your learners license goal!

What steps do I need to take after I take the FL drivers education course?

Simple…you can apply for your Florida learner′s permit and then start your training behind the steering wheel!


At what age can I take the Florida Drug & Alcohol Course and permit test?

You need to be a minimum of 15 years old. You must be under 17 to complete the permit examination online.

What are my options for taking the Florida permit exam?

You can go to your local FL DHSMV office and take the Florida permit test there, or you can take the Florida permit test online if you are between 15 and 17 years old.

I feel I am prepared enough to pass the Florida Learners Permit test; do I really need to take the FL TLSAE course?

Florida DHSMV requires teens to complete a Drug and Alcohol Course prior to any application to get a learners permit. There is an exception for those who have a license issued by another state who are 18 years of age or older.

How is the Florida learners permit exam structured?

The Florida permit exam consists of the following sections:

  • 20-question multiple choice test on "Road Rules"
  • 20-question multiple choice test on "Road Signs"
What score do I need to get to pass the Florida learners permit test?

You must get at least 80% of the questions correct in each section of the test to pass. Since both the "Road Rules" and "Road Signs" sections contain 20 questions, you must get at least 15 questions correct on each section to earn a passing score.

What happens if I fail the Florida permit test?

Another plus for our Florida permit online test! It gives you three (3) chances to pass your Florida learners permit exam. Even if you don′t pass it after three times, you can still take it again. However, future attempts to re-take the Florida permit test will need to be taken in-person at the DHSMV.

Do the fees for taking the Florida permit test online include a practice exam that I can take?

Yes. Our Florida drivers permit practice test includes actual questions from previous DHSMV exams. This lets you know precisely what kinds of questions to expect! This will be a big advantage in your preparations for the exam.

What do I need to do to apply for a Florida Learner′s Permit?

To apply for the Florida learners license, you must be at least 15 years old, and have successfully completed an approved Florida drivers education course. You will also need to have at least 50 hours of driving experience supervised by a parent or guardian, with ten of those occurring at night.

What test do I need to take to get my Learner′s Permit?

In addition to taking the Florida permit exam ("Road Signs" and "Road Rules"), you will be required to complete the following:

  • A vision test.
  • A hearing test.
Does a parent need to sign a consent form to get a FL Learners Permit?

Yes. The consent form can either be signed in person at the FL DHSMV or can be signed in front of and notarized by a Notary Public and submitted to the FL DHSMV.

[accordion title="What restrictions are there on a driver with a Florida Learners License?"] You can only drive during the day during the first 90 days and until 10pm for the next 90 days. After that, you can drive anytime of the day or night as long as you are accompanied in the front of the vehicle with a driver who is 21 years of age or older.

How much will my Florida learners permit cost?

Prices are always being adjusted. You are best served by contacting your DHSMV for their current prices.

Am I permitted to drive by myself when I have a Florida Learners Permit?

No, you must be accompanied by a driver who is 21 or over. It remains that way until you turn 16 and earn the Intermediate Driver’s License.


What do I need to do to get my Florida drivers license?

You need to be at least 16 years of age and have a Florida learners permit for a minimum of a year without being cited for any driving infractions.

What tests are involved in obtaining my Florida driver license?
You will need to complete a driving test and successfully perform a variety of relatively routine driving tasks.
Does a parent need to come with me to get my Florida drivers license?

Yes. A parent or guardian will need to not only sign off on your application, but they will need to certify you have had 50 hours of on the road training with them in the car. Of those 50 hours, ten of those must be at night.

What type of paperwork and documents will I need to bring with me to the FL DMV?

You will need your learners License from Florida or a valid license from another state. You will also need a parent or legal guardian to certify that they have had 50 hours in the car with you while you were driving. Ten of those 50 hours would need to be a night.

What are the restrictions to my driving when I hold a graduated operator license in Florida?

If you are 16 years of age you can only operate a motor vehicle between 6am and 11pm. If you are driving to or from work or accompanied by a driver who is 21 years of age or older these restrictions are lifted.

If you are 17 years old, you may drive from 5am and 1am, again unless driving is work related or you have a 21 year old or older licensed driver in the front seat with you. Once again, in those cases, the restrictions are lifted.

What does my school attendance record have to do with driving?
Florida will only give driving privileges to teenagers who they feel are responsible. School attendance is used in helping to determine this responsibility. If it is decided that you are truant, you will likely have driving privileges suspended. You will have to make an effort to resolve your truancy to gain those privileges back. In most cases, this can be done by making sure you attend classes regularly for 30 school days in a row.


What infractions can cause me to lose my Florida drivers license?

A DUI and or any major violation or serious accident can cause revocation. Teenagers in particular are scrutinized for driving infractions.

What are the ramifications for teen alcohol use?

If you are under 21, it is illegal to buy beer, wine, or liquor in Florida. It is illegal to even have an alcoholic beverage in the vehicle unless you are accompanied by a parent.

If a teen gets a DUI conviction in Florida, it can mean some very expensive and inconvenient ramifications. First of all, the courts can take your car for a period of up to a half-year. Not only that, but you will have to pay a storage fee over that period in order to get it back! Even a first DUI can result in jail time and heavy fines. In Florida, the DMV has no choice but to revoke the licenses of any driver less than 18 years of age a full year for a DUI, or until they are 18 (whichever is longer). In this case, you must also show proof that you have insurance, show proof that you have completed the educational part of an authorized DUI program, and pay a DMV re-issuance fee.

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