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TEA School/Course Provider Name: Defensive Driving by Improv Comedy Club. TEA School #: C2663-4. TEA Course Provider #: CP342

Defensive Driving Texas

by Improv Comedy Club

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  • texas online defensive driving
  • texas online defensive driving
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Step One
Watch an optional intro video.

Step Two
Review Chapter Material in as little as 5 minute increments.

Step Three
Finish by taking a Simple Multiple Choice Quiz.

Comedy Traffic School and Defensive Driving

  • 100% Online
  • Approved by all Texas Courts and Texas TEA
  • Easy 20-question multiple choice quiz
  • $60 bonus value – 4 free tix to Improv Comedy Club
  • Convenient Same Day Certified “3A” driving record available if required by Court

FAQ About Texas Online Defensive Driving

Why do I need a copy of the driving record?

Some courts require that you submit a copy of your certified driving record together with your Texas online defensive driving course completion. For your convenience, we offer you an option to get a certified copy of the record together with your course

How much time does this online Texas defensive driving course takes?

State rules require that all courses must me at least six hours. For your convenience we allow unlimited log ins and allow you an option to complete the course at once or break it up to as many sessions as you like.

Does this Comedy Defensive Driving Online takes longer to complete?

On a contrary our goal is to provide you with easiest and most fun defensive driving course approved by state laws

Is there a test after I complete this Texas online defensive driving course?

State rules require that a course provider should administer either a chapter quiz after each chapter or final quiz.. rather than quiz you after each chapter we offer one simple multiple-choice quiz at the end

Free Same Day Processing
Free Same Day Processing

Lowest Price Defensive Driving Course Allowed by Texas Law

The Texas Defensive Driving Course, create by the World Famous Improv Comedy Club to make your learning Fun, Fast, Done.

Why Do You Care to Take Defensive Driving?

To get a proper traffic ticket dismissal, comply with court order or receive a car insurance discount you must only complete a Texas Education Agency approved program. Most providers you find on the internet are not TEA Approved. TEA School/Course Provider Name: Defensive Driving by Improv Comedy Club TEA School #: C2663 TEA Course Provider #: CP342

Free Same Day Processing
Free Same Day Processing

Free Comedy Club Tickets
Get 4 free vip tickets to the Improv Comedy Club. Over $60 value. It’s like getting free traffic school!

Start Now, Pay Later

If you are not ready to pay, you can start the course now with no obligations just pay at any time before you complete to get full credit.

Mobile Friendly

Take the course on your mobile device or computer.
Free Same Day Processing
Free Same Day Processing

Steps for Taking a Texas Driver Safety Course

Following are the steps necessary to attend a Texas Driver Safety Course (DSC) to dismiss your Texas traffic ticket:

  1. Make sure you are eligible to take DSC. You are eligible to take a Texas defensive driving course if:
    • You have a valid Driver’s License
    • You do not have a CDL
    • You have not taken a defensive driving course in Texas for at least one year from the date of the citation
    • You were not going over 95 mph when you’re citation was issued
    • You were cited for speeding more than 25 mph over the posted speed limit
    • Your citation was not for passing a school bus
    • Your citation was not related to a serious traffic violation
    • Your citation was not for failure to stop to provide information or aid after witnessing an accident
    • Your citation was not involving a violation in a construction zone where workers were present
  2. Apply for a Texas Driver Safety Course (DSC) with the court handling your ticket on or prior to your scheduled court date. Contact your court by phone or visit the court website for instructions.
  3. You will be notified by the court if you are approved to take the defensive driving Texas course via mail which will also include the requirements and a due date. Generally, you will have 90 days to complete the Texas Driver Safety Course.
  4. Choose the best online defensive driving course for you. Check out our fun comedy defensive driving course!
  5. Register for the Texas Driver Safety Course as soon as possible
  6. Take and complete the TX defensive driving course online. Complete the course at your own pace the over a period of time or in the same day as long as you complete the course prior to the due date indicated by the court.
  7. Your original certificate of completion will be mailed to you the very next day after you complete the Texas driving course online via the mailing delivery method you chose during registration. Expedited shipping options are available.
  8. Submit your original certificate of completion to the Texas court handling your citation. Please note that Texas Courts will only accept an original certificate of completion; copies will not be accepted.

Free Same Day Processing
Free Same Day Processing

Comedy Defensive Driving Texas

Defensive Driving Texas by Improv Comedy Club. The Original Comedy Defensive Driving Course. Free Same Day Processing and Driving Record.
Rated 4.7/5 based on 5642 customer reviews

Quick and informative.

One of the most comprehensive courses I’ve taken.

I’m so glad I chose this online class – worked very well for me. i liked the combo of written plus comedy videos. perfect combo!

A Texas driving safety course that was fast and easy. Thank you!

The course was fun, but very informative.

I definitely recommend this course to others.

I enjoyed the course, and it does make you more aware and conscious of your driving habits and what you need to do correct any bad habits.

It was a great learning experience.

Thanks! Very easy to navigate and get through on my own time.

Entertaining and educational. I loved being able to take the course from my own home. I would recommend Improv Online Traffic School.

It was perfect! Really easy to do! Informative but not boring! Highly recomend!

The comics provided a unique, visual, representation that still managed to educate drivers. Great Job!

It was a fun way to learn the course.

Very easy and far less painful than the other time that I had to take defensive driving.

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