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Select this course if you received a traffic ticket and have elected to attend traffic school voluntarily to dismiss the ticket. You confirm you have not paid any court fees*.


Select this course if you were ordered by the Court Judge to complete a court-approved defensive driving course. You confirm that you have already paid court fees/fines


Select this course ONLY if you are taking it for any other reason than a traffic ticket or court order (Insurance Discount, Work-Related Training, etc.)


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Arizona Defensive Driving

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We are pleased to be certified by the Supreme Court of the State of Arizona for our Arizona Defensive Driving School online. View our certification.

There are four fees required to attend any Arizona Defense Driving Program:

Every licensed Arizona traffic school is required to collect the same fees. If you are shopping for a school based on price, remember that the cost of the AZ traffic school is all you need to compare. Some schools neglect to disclose all of the fees associated with their courses. They charge their students excessive fees for processing and delivering certificates, etc.

*$20 state fee; $45 state surcharge; +diversion fees will apply;
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Why Enroll in a Defensive Driving Course in Arizona After a Citation?

More information to help you make the right choice.

Steps for Taking Arizona Defensive Driving School

Following are the steps necessary to attend an AZ Defensive Driving School in order to dismiss your AZ traffic ticket:

  • Register with an AZ traffic school online as soon as possible so you will be able to take the course at your own pace, as well as complete it at least seven (7) days prior to your court arraignment date indicated on your ticket.
  • Submit identity verification/eligibility documents to the online Arizona traffic school.
  • AZ defensive driving schools are required to verify your identity and determine if you are eligible to attend an Arizona traffic school. As such, you will be required to submit the following prior to being permitted to start the course:
    1. Copy of your government-issued Driver’s License
    2. Copy of your traffic citation
    3. Affirmation of Eligibility
    4. Course payment which includes: course fee, court diversion fee, state fee, and state surcharge fee.
  • Take and complete the AZ defensive driving course online at least seven (7) days prior to your Court Appearance Date.
  • For complete information on everything you need to know about dealing with traffic tickets in Arizona, check out AZ Traffic Ticket 101: Journey from AZ Ticket to AZ Defensive Driving School.

The Arizona Supreme Court permits eligible residents of the state to enroll in defensive driving courses in order to minimize the penalties of a traffic citation. In many cases, successful completion of the course permits AZ drivers to:

  • Get the traffic citation dismissed altogether.
  • Save having points added to their driver’s license; accumulate more than 8 in Arizona and a person risks having their license suspended.
  • Apply for lower car insurance premium(s) after completion of the course.

Types of Defensive Driving Courses Offered in Arizona

There are two types of defensive driving courses offered in Arizona. The first is in a traditional classroom setting with other students. However, for those people whose schedules conflict with class hours - or for any other reason they would prefer an alternative, drivers eligible for a defensive driving course can both study the material and take the exam online.

Arizona Residence Who Are Not Eligible

Out-of-state drivers are not eligible to take a defensive driving course, Nor are AZ residents:

  • who have completed an Arizona defensive driving course in the last two years.
  • with two or more unresolved traffic violations. Defensive driving courses are only to be used to reduce the consequences of a single citation.
  • who have been cited for a traffic violation that resulted in serious injury or death.
  • in possession of a commercial driver´s license - CDL - holder.
  • who have not completed the course at least a week prior to their court date.

For more information with regard to eligibility, visit the Arizona Department of Transportation website.

Arizona’s Driver’s License Points System Explained

People cited for a traffic violation who are not eligible to have the ticket expunged via completion of a defensive driving course; elect not to take the course; or fail to complete the course, will have points added to their driver´s license. Accumulate more than 8 in Arizona and a person risks having their license suspended.

An important note: a defensive driving course cannot be taken for the purpose of removing points that have already been added to a driver´s license by the state. Defensive driving courses can only be taken for the purpose of preventing points from being added.

Defensive Driving as a Means of Reduction of Insurance Rates

While most people are only compelled to take a defensive driving course in order to prevent a citation from penalizing them, taking a defensive driving course on your own accord can often times reduce the insurance rate your car insurance provider charges you each billing cycle. Although each car insurance company is different, most have good driver reward options.

Inquiring with your insurance company could mean substantial savings in the future.

Arizona Defensive Driving Course Details

  • Both the classroom and online courses cover the same material and are equally valid in the eyes of the law.
  • The primary purpose of the course is to provide students with an understanding of the techniques safe drivers use to drive defensively.
  • The course also includes a substantial section regarding driving laws and ticketable traffic offences in Arizona.
  • Each course takes between four to four and a half hours.
  • Upon completion, each student receives a defensive driving course completion certificate. Both the courts and/or insurance companies will require proof of possession of the certificate.

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