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Traffic School and Defensive Driving

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Traffic School

"I just LOVE going to traffic school!" …said no one, ever. To which we said, EDUTAINMENT!

"A form of entertainment designed to educate as well as to amuse." – Wikipedia

What do Improv Comedy Club and Online Traffic Course Have in Common?

Created by the world-famous Improv Comedy Club over 20 years ago, our convenient and comedy online traffic course is based on the simple notion that online traffic course doesn't have to be dry and boring. Duh, right?

Best Comedy Traffic School and Online Defensive Driving Course

Written by professional Hollywood writers, Improv Online Comedy Traffic Safety Course has won countless accolades from students and the media, including “Best Traffic Course" designation

  • 100% Online
  • No Proctored Exams
  • Easy Multiple-Choice Open Book Quizzes
  • Same-Day Processing
  • Proof of Completion within 30 min.
  • Electronic Filing with Courts and DMVs (1)

(1) Where Available, some limited jurisdictions may require that you submit certificate in person. In these cases the original certificate will be mailed to you by next business day. Overnight options are available. More instructions will be provided once you select your state (2) Not available in all states or at the clubs located in the casino. For the list of clubs visit www.Improv.com

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Fueled by Laughs from the Improv Comedy Club


Comedy Online Defensive Driving Course


Traffic School deadline approaching? We offer a same-day defensive driving course processing option for most jurisdictions. Please select your state and/or referring agency to see a detailed list of your course completion options.

7-Day US-Based Customer Support

Available by phone, Live Chat or email. A comprehensive Defensive Driving Course FAQ section is also available to help you navigate through many commonly asked questions.

Join over 2 million satisfied customers now...

Fueled by Laughs from the Improv Comedy Club

Online Comedy Traffic School and Defensive Driving Course

Online Traffic School and Defensive Driving by Improv. Voted Best Traffic School. 100% Online, No Timers. Cert in 30 min. We take care of all court and DMV filings.
Rated 4.8/5 based on 11438 customer reviews

Online Defensive Driving Course On Your Time


Improv Traffic courses are 100% online. You complete them:


Finish your course on the same day or take a month, as long as you complete it prior to any due date you may have. You decide how much time you want to spend on each session. You can login at any time and just pick up where you left off.

Comedy Traffic School

  • Start at work (it will be our little secret)
  • Do a little at lunch
  • Come back another day over a cup of coffee at
    your favorite coffee shop
  • And you can always do it at home!

Defensive Driving by Improv Comedy Club Official Site


Improv makes defensive driving easy!


Join over 2 million satisfied customers now...

Fueled by Laughs from the Improv Comedy Club


...better than sex...
Ken R., Los Angeles, California
To Ken, we are really sorry...

...Easiest Comedy Driving Online School Class...
Cindy A. New York, New York

The Best Traffic Class...
Gayot Publications

...Never thought that I could enjoy Traffic Safety Course
MaryBeth M. San Francisco, California

...Having now completed this traffic online program; I would highly recommend this "comedy traffic class" course to anyone who is serious about improving their road awareness...
Scott W. California State Senate

...few people can poke fun while still showing respect for the audience... GREAT TRAFFIC SAFETY COURSE
Rev. Miller. Miami, Florida

...Improv School Rocks!...
Michael F. Bloomfield, New Jersey

Thank you for taking pain out of boring classes.
April C. Los Angeles, California

Helpful, thought provoking, already see changes in my driving style. Thank you, the laughter really helped me get through the program.
Ann M., Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

This course should be mandated for every California driver.
Drew K. Riverside, California

Driving for 30 years, I thought I knew everything, your online course convinced me that there is room for improvement. While it was fun and simple, it definitely drove a few points home. Thank you for making your online course available in New Jersey.
Sam K. Trenton, New Jersey

Any Florida driver can benefit from this great online class ...being fun is an extra bonus.
Enrique E. Miami, Florida

I'd get another ticket just to do this Improv class again!
Robert F., Ridgecrest, California

I took Florida Online Traffic Course a few times, but Improv's was the best.
Ashley A. Tampa, Florida

At first I didn't think that this online class was for real.. but I am glad it was, I truly enjoyed it.
Julie Y. Atlanta, Georgia

This Online school is the only way to go.
Cindy L. Tampa, Florida

Improv has done it again. Best online traffic course I ever took.
Mary K. Laguna Beach, California

What a great Online Course...
Kerry C. Orange, California

Thank You for making my Traffic Class Painless...
Brad D. Orlando, Florida

Thank You, Improv, for making traffic course easy and fun... Nobody likes taking traffic class, but I actually enjoyed it!
Kevin L. Miami, Florida

I was very frustrated in the beginning because I am computer illiterate. By the end I knew what to do and it made the completion of this traffic course very simple.
Carolyn K. Dallas, Texas

There are Traffic Courses and there is Improv School, you guys are Great!
Linda V. Hollywood, Florida

Great Website... Best traffic safety online Class Ever...
Robert L. Tucson, Arizona

Every Arizona Driver should be required to take this course.
Raquel F. Tempe, Arizona

Very easy online traffic class not complicated at all... had some great laughs.
Kenny L. Houston, Texas

Excellent Course.
Alex G. Phoenix, Arizona

Excellent Course.. doesn't feel like its a traffic program... fun and interesting.
Marcella D. Dallas, Texas

I never imagined driving school can be enjoyable.
Shaina G. - Maria B. Little Rock, Arkansas

Join over 2 million satisfied customers now...

Fueled by Laughs from the Improv Comedy Club