Auto Insurance Discounts for Defensive Driving Training and Driver's Education

Drivers who take steps to improve their driving skills are often eligible for discounts from their car insurance company, since safer driving leads to fewer claims.

Young drivers can generally save money by showing proof of a completed course in driver's education, while older drivers often receive discounts by enrolling in defensive driving training.

Discounts for Driver Training

Most auto insurance companies offer discounts because they know that young drivers who complete driver training are statistically less likely to get into car accidents, and therefore less likely to cost the company money in the long run.

Since the value of the discount may differ depending on which auto insurance company you use, it’s a good idea to shop around and compare quotes before deciding on a provider.

Note: Driver training discounts generally refer to certified driver’s education courses for first-time drivers.”


The requirements for a driver training discount can vary depending on your state and auto insurance company.

While some states allow online courses, others require you to attend class in person at an approved location.

For more information on the specific driver training requirements for your state, visit our “Driver's Education” section.

Discounts for Defensive Driving

Completing a certified defensive driving course may make you eligible for a discount on your car insurance rate. Depending on which car insurance company you use, you may even be able to receive a discounted rate on the cost of taking the course. For more details, ask your car insurance agent about how defensive driving training can improve your rate.

Mature Driver Improvement Course

In 33+ states and the District of Columbia, seniors ages 55 and over are eligible for an auto insurance discount of up to 15% for taking and successfully completing an approved Mature Driver Course.

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In states that don’t mandate the discount, many insurance companies still offer the discount for successful completion of a course.

In a defensive driving course, you will learn:

  • Common techniques of defensive driving.
  • Methods for driving in adverse weather.
  • Drug and alcohol awareness.
  • Traffic laws.


While specific requirements may differ depending on your state and car insurance company, the following rules typically apply:

  • You must complete a certified course in defensive driving with a passing grade.
  • You can only one course in defensive driving for a discount every few years.
  • You can only apply your defensive driving discount to one car.

Talk to your car insurance provider to find out which defensive driving discounts are available in your state.

Other Safe Driver Discounts

In addition to defensive driving discounts, some auto insurance companies provide "good driver discounts" and other rewards to drivers who frequently practice safe driving skills.

If your driving record is good, be sure to talk to your car insurance provider about these and other ways to save.