Hardship License For Texas 15-Year-Olds

If you are not quite old enough to legally drive a car in Texas, you still might qualify for what is called a ‘hardship license.’ Under Texas state law some young people (minimum 15 years old) qualify for a legitimate driver’s license if they have an actual important reason for having one. There are four specific criteria for obtaining a hardship driver’s license:

Texas Driving School

Texas Driving School

  1. The applicant’s family faces an unusual economic hardship and is being deprived of the basic necessities of life.
  2. The applicant has an ill family member who needs transportation to medical treatment or the applicant must drive in her place to keep the household running.
  3. The applicant is enrolled in a vocational educational program.
  4. An immediate family member has died and remaining family members need him to drive temporarily to carry on household routines

A hardship driver’s license is issued based on the needs of the driver and their family. There are certain restrictions which apply to the person who is given a hardship license, including that they only use the vehicle for very specific purposes and at certain times. This means if you are given a hardship license to go to school or work, then that had better be the only time you use it. If you are caught by police using the vehicle for purposes other than those approved by your hardship license, you not only risk losing your hardship license but also run the risk of losing your regular driving privileges when you become eligible for them.

To download the hardship application, click on the link below:

TX Department of Public Safety – Minor’s Restricted Drivers License Application

The best bet is to follow the guidelines as explained in Texas state law. The Texas Driver’s Handbook includes all of the latest Texas road rules and is a great resource for all things that relate to driving in the State of Texas.

Drive defensively, always follow all posted traffic signs and wear your seat belt. That will keep you on the right side of the law and keep you in good standing with the requirements of your hardship license.

To learn more about defensive driving, check out our TX TEA approved Driver Safety Course.

Texas Learners License – First Time License for Teens

Getting a Texas learner license allows first time drivers the opportunity to actually practice driving prior to getting a provisional Texas drivers license. When holding a Texas Learner Permit, an adult age 21 or older must drive with you at all times and sit in the front passenger seat.  The Texas Learners License is valid until you turn 18 years old.

To apply for a Texas Learners License, Texas teens must:

Bring all of the above-listed required documentation to a driver license office along with the following:

  1. Your parent/legal guardian
  2. Proof meeting of Texas drivers ed requirements.  If you took the Parent-Taught Driver Education (PTDE) course, you will need the following:
  • Form DE-964, Texas Drivers Education Certificate
  • Form DL-90A, Classroom Instruction Driver Education Affidavit

To learn more about defensive driving, check out our TX TEA approved Driver Safety Course

Online Defensive Driving and Traffic School Courses

4 Responses to “Hardship License For Texas 15-Year-Olds”

  1. Austin says:

    If I have a job and go to school and do not have transportation to work, do you think I would get approved for a hardship license? If so, would I only be able to drive to work. I am 15 and would like to help my mother with our home.

  2. Dakoda says:

    My mother and I live alone. I am in need of transportation to school and back so that I may help my mother with our household. At the moment I am having my mother drop me off to school before she goes to work, but this has become a hassle because she works on the opposite side of town. And after school i usually hitch a ride from a peer or ride the city bus to my moms work until she can get off. Also I plan on getting a job to help my mother out with bills as she can only work part time due to her returning to school to become an RN. Would i be eligible for a Hardship License to get back and forth to school and work?

  3. Madelyn says:

    Me, my mother, and three sisters live in a city, but they go to school in a different city. Would i be eligible for a hardship license to take them to school, considering the fact my mom works all night and doesnt get home until we’re already at school, and their school busses won’t run to our house because they go to a completely different school district.

  4. Logan says:

    Me my mom and my two other siblings live in a city and go to different schools and my mom works 30 minutes away and has to be at work by 7:00 and we all go to school at different times and we always have to leave the house in a hassle so I can get a hardship I can drive my siblings to school so my mom is not late and I can also go to work and shopping for food when my mom is busy is this a good reason to get a hardships license

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