About Arizona Defensive Driving School

If you have gotten a moving traffic violation in Arizona, you may have the option of taking a traffic school that will allow the violation to be dismissed. This is good news! By taking a defensive driving course you will not have points assessed to your driving record, your insurance rates will not increase and you will have the pleasure of experiencing the Improv Comedy Traffic School. What? Save money AND attend the Improv Comedy Traffic School? That little citation you recieved may be a game changer! Who would have thought speeding was a crime when it was done with such skill. Who would have thought stop meant STOP. Well it does, and now you’ve now been cited. Now what? How about the Improv online driving school? Is it possible?

We offer:

  • Traffic Ticket / Ticket Dismissal
  • Traffic Ticket / Court Order
  • Insurance Discount / Corporate Training
Thankfully, Arizona has not legislated that defensive driving courses have to be mindless, boring exercises. That means your defensive driving traffic school courses can be fun, entertaining, and dare we say informative? The Improv Traffic School Arizona defensive driving courses online are an easy to take, simple to finish course that will complete your obligation for a defensive driving course in the state of Arizona. Yep, it is fun and legal. Here’s how it works. Check out your citation. It has a box next to each violation that determines if it is a criminal or a civil violation. If your judge allows, one violation can be erased with the completion of traffic school. The defensive drving class eligible violations are usually noted with your citation. In Arizona, if you take the option of attending traffic school, you can get all of the basic information by placing a toll-free call to 888-334-5565 or online at http://www.azdrive.com. Check it out. Attending the Improv Traffic School Online Defensive Driving Course is like Driver Ed on laughing gas. It assures that there will be no points assessed to your driving record, your insurance costs do not increase, and by golly, you may just learn some valuable traffic driving techniques. You'll be richer, wiser, and your criminal activity will be minimalized!

So what is a defensive driving course?

It is a class designed to re-educate drivers about techniques that can lead to safe driving. They are courses offered by private businesses in Arizona certified by the Supreme Court for the benefit of the courts and individuals. Generally, they remind drivers to anticipate problems that may be encountered on the highway. Defensive driving courses put the driver in control of what is happening around them by looking ahead to traffic, pedestrians, and cyclists, and anticipating their moves, expected and unexpected. They provide that slap in the side of the head from your mother as she yelled "pay attention!". Click to discover Why Arizona Comedy Traffic School is the right pick for you!

What do you need to register?

Schools, even us, are required to verify your identity with a Government issued ID. Payment can be as simple as online. Remember, in Arizona you must compete your Defensive Driving course seven days prior to your court date. We may have fun but the Administrative office of the Arizona Supreme Court makse sure that traffic schools comply with regulations they set forth, and they keep a watchful eye on all traffic schools for the courts That means when the dust clears, we know our stuff and can get your completion certificate easily and affordably. While we are all under the same rules and regulations, not all defensive driving courses are not created equally. Sure they all end up in (hopefully) a successfully completed exam at the end that certifies you for completion. The big difference is in how. If you have to take a defensive driving course, or if you have chosen to take one for insurance discounts, it might as well be amusing and entertaining. The Improv Comedy Defensive Driving Course makes time fly with a course of study that simply rocks. See why more and more people who have the option for traffic school and defensive driving courses are choosing a driving school online and selecting the Improv Traffic School. It just may have you looking at turning right on red in a whole new light.
Our classes are online, available 24/7 and offer instant certification. We've helped over 2 million people to regain their licenses. Why not join them and enjoy yourself in the process?