According to published reports at least some Georgia legislators are considering a new ban on the use of handheld devices by drivers.

Georgia already a ban on texting while driving, and it restricts the use of any handheld device by drivers who are 17 years of age or younger. Both these laws have been in effect for a few years now and safety advocates say they are having the desired effect: limiting crashes caused by some forms of distracted driving. But they also say those two laws don’t go far enough.

The current bill being proposed would restrict the use of handheld devices by all drivers, regardless of age, although it would allow drivers to use hands-free devices. Also, legislators want to give police full authority to pull-over and write citations for anyone they see violating the law, something not every state does.

Studies show that since the two existing Georgia distracted driving laws went into effect, police there have handed out thousands of citations and collected thousands of dollars in fines and fees from violators. The new bill, if ultimately approved and signed into law, would make it even more difficult for people to use their cell phone while driving and likely lead to even more citations issued and fines/fees collected.

Currently, a version of the new distracted driving ban bill has been sent to the Georgia House Motor Vehicles Committee where its merits will be debated until a final version is either approved for sending before the entire Georgia state legislature, or is shot down completely.