A man desperate for a ride to the hospital for his pregnant girlfriend resorted to carjacking another man in order to secure that ride. Unfortunately, being in the midst of an emergency situation is no excuse for commandeering a vehicle. No matter what you might see in the movies.

According to police, Robert Boudreaux, 31, of Deltona, walked into traffic to stop a vehicle and demanded the driver take him and his pregnant girlfriend to the hospital. The driver initially complied, but when Boudreaux demanded the driver run red lights he smartly refused. That’s when police Boudreaux told the driver to get out of the vehicle, threatening to shoot him (although the driver admitted he saw no weapon.) Boudreaux took control of the vehicle at the time and the driver, now left standing on the side of the road, called police.

A brief police chase ensued, with Boudreaux reportedly swerving in and out of traffic on his way to the hospital. Once at the hospital he refused to stop his vehicle until police actually blocked his progress with their vehicles. Boudreaux was taken into custody and charged with numerous traffic infractions, including carjacking.

So, here’s the deal: no matter what is going on you are not permitted to violated traffic laws. Having an emergency does not excuse speeding or reckless driving. It certainly does not excuse carjacking someone else’s vehicle. Even emergency vehicles, traveling to the scene of an emergency are not permitted to completely ignore all traffic safety devices (such as traffic lights and speed limits) and must travel to the emergency scene safely. If the law holds for police, fire and ambulance drivers you can bet it applies to you, too.