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Cars on an interstate driving underneath a digital sign that says "Texting & Driving Leads to the Dark Side."
Car Safety

Are Amusing Traffic Signs More Effective?

Roadway safety signs have traditional been predictably mundane. However, some states are shaking things up by telling the same old messages in new and more endearing ways. State roadways authorities…

A hand holding a remote key pointed at a car.
Automotive Technology

How to Make Your Dumb Car Smart

The automobile industry is experiencing a golden age of technology with a never-ending list of new gadgets and devices that make driving more efficient, convenient, safer, and just plain cooler…

A bunch of signs with arrows pointing at eachother.

9 New Driving Laws for 2016

Each New Year’s Day a new bevy of laws come into effect that drivers need to be aware of, especially if they do not want to get a ticket. While…

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