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Florida Traffic School ApprovedOur Florida traffic school is approved by Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles for both Basic Driver Improvement Course (BDI) and Traffic Safety Collision Avoidance Course (TCAC). We also offer court-approved 8-hour traffic school for multiple violations and judge ordered aggressive driver course.

Why do you care? – Getting a moving citation or getting your license suspended is bad enough… completing a traffic school that is not approved will just add to the insult. Do a quick internet search for “Traffic School” or “Defensive Driving” and you get thousands of returned results. What you must know is that most of these schools are not approved in Florida. State rules require that any school offering a ticket diversion program, BDI or TCAC must be certified by the FDHSMA.

From the Panhandle to The Keys, Jacksonville to South Beach, if you’ve been referred to traffic school in Florida, we’ve got you covered.

Our internet based courses are specifically designed for Florida and approved by state. Improv Comedy Traffic School meets the requirements for traffic courts and jurisdictions in all of Florida’s 68 counties, from Alachua to Washington. Whether you’ve been cited for aggressive driving in Orlando, excessive speed in Sarasota, or running a red light in Miami, if you need to complete a traffic school course, we have one to fit your need.

Our Defensive driving courses may also qualify you for insurance discounts in Florida, particularly if you are a senior citizen. Check with your insurance provider for details.

Florida Online Traffic School Course