California Offered Amnesty For Unpaid Traffic Tickets

unpaid traffic tickets

Californians who had been waiting for their ship to come in before paying some overdue traffic tickets got an early Christmas present in 2012. California Legislative Assembly Bill 1358 allowed for a one-time, 50 percent reduction if the outstanding tickets were paid between Jan. 1 and June 30, 2012. The offer was good in all 58 counties.

Let’s face it, times are tough all over and unpaid traffic citations are probably not at the top of your list of priorities especially if you’re unemployed or under-employed, or just low on cash. The state of California itself has been facing its own share of economic struggles, so the decision to offer this half-off amnesty made good sense to legislators who were hoping it results in a much-needed cash infusion.

You might still have had to attend online traffic school, and the amnesty wasn’t good for everyone or every traffic violation, but standard speeding citations were included. And traffic school is probably a good idea if you haven’t been in a awhile. It can help you be a better defensive driver and keep those points from accumulating on your license.

So, if you live in California, and you had unpaid traffic citations, we hope you took advantage of the one-time only amnesty. Online traffic school in California is quick and easy. You just might save yourself a lot of money.

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    • Joshuas says:


      Thank you so much for passing on acknowledgment of our top-notch expertise to others! We try our best to keep ourselves informed and in-turn, pass that information on to all others who need it.

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  2. My daughters unpaid tickets says:

    I lost my home in 2005 and my then 21 year old daughter fell into a depression that I was unaware of because I had cancer. She purchased a car that wasn’t able to pass smog, I believe the owner of the car had a fake smig text for the vehicle and she got a ticket for no registration for that vehicle. She then got a speeding ticket and 2 tickets for driving with a suspended license. She went to court and had them all on a payment plan to pay them and didn’t have the money to pay and called in to make the payment a week later and she soon realized it was too late. The ticket are in Contra costa county, where my home was and Los Angeles count where we moved to soon after I lost me home. She has tickets in both counties and she takes the bus to work or gets rides from me and her sisters. I no longer have cancer one year ago I started feeling better after a 7 year battle, thank God it’s gone. Now, I want to help her fix the ticket issue & help her move on in her life. She has managed to keep a job for 8 years but it hasn’t been easy. Please help me so I can help her.

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