San Diego Defensive Driving Courses

Traffic School in San Diego, California

There are a number of reasons for which a person can find themselves facing traffic school in San Diego. For a majority of people, that reason involves a traffic ticket. In some instances people may take traffic school courses to improve their driving skills before getting their license, or senior drivers may take classes for insurance purposes. When taking traffic school for a moving violation, there are certain state standards that must be met. Traffic School by Improv meets these requirements and we are licensed and certified by the state of California and approved by San Diego Court. To help you better understand the importance of participating in a San Diego traffic school such as the Traffic School by Improv, it is important to understand what happens when you get a ticket and how it can affect you and your ability to drive. When a person receives a ticket, he or she also receives a "point" on their driver's license. These are called Negligent Operator Points and are a part of the Negligent Operator Treatment System, or NOTS. The points are used as a way to rate a driver's record, therefore a clean record means no points. The number of points that a driver receives is determined by the severity of the violation. When it comes to attending San Diego traffic schools only drivers with one-point violations are potentially eligible. A moving violation that does not involve alcohol, an accident, driving without a license, or driving recklessly, will earn a driver one point on his or her license. As points add up on a license they can cause a person's license to be revoked or suspended. The length of time for the suspension depends on the number of points that have accumulated. People who receive a ticket for a moving violation can either go to court or attend traffic school. San Diego drivers must also have a valid driver's license and they must have been driving a non-commercial vehicle when they committed the driving offense. In order to attend traffic school in San Diego the driver must find out if the court has determined that they are eligible to do so. There are a few factors that the court looks at to determine if a driver is eligible for traffic school. San Diego, CA traffic court will check to see if the individual has been to traffic school within the past 18 months. If he or she has, attending San Diego traffic schools online, or in-person, is not an option. A person ticketed with a non-moving violation, such as a parking ticket is not eligible, nor is a person who was pulled over for drunk driving, driving a commercial vehicle, and misdemeanors. If a person is eligible for San Diego traffic school but declines, it may result in an increase in his or her insurance rate. As points build up an insurance company may even choose to drop a person's policy. In addition, the point on his or her record will remain. By participating in traffic school, San Diego drivers can remove one point violations from their record. Taking San Diego traffic school online through Traffic School by Improv is a convenient and affordable way for busy people to fulfill the defensive driving course requirement necessary to free them of unwanted points on their record. After registering for Traffic School by Improv you can complete your course at your own pace however, you will need to complete the course by the deadline given by the court. After completing our traffic school online, San Diego drivers who are close to their court's completion date may request transmission of their certificate for next day delivery. This may not always be possible, as the court may require the submission of an original certificate. When this is the case, there is an overnight delivery option that is available upon registration. Taking Improv's San Diego traffic school online is fast and easy. The course consists of ten lessons, with each taking as few as five minutes to complete. Each lesson includes reading material, a video and a quiz. Because you'll be attending our traffic school online, San Diego coffee shops, libraries, or any place that connects to the Internet, can be your classroom. When it comes to traffic school, San Diego, CA residents can trust Traffic Schools by Improv to make the experience as entertaining, fast, and educational as possible. San Diego Defensive Driving Courses