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Nobody likes to get a ticket in Los Angeles. It’s a nuisance that can have long-term consequences. The law is very clear, if you’re found breaking the law, you will be issued a ticket (and a nice fine too).

Drivers between the ages of 17 and 24 years receive the highest number of speeding tickets in LA. Speeding tickets seem to be more common among men than women.

The purpose of a speeding ticket is to identify bad or risky drivers and help them improve so that roads can be safer for everyone.

Those who break the law do not only risk their own lives, but also the lives of other passengers, drivers in other vehicles, parked vehicles, and pedestrians. Accidents do not only result in financial losses but also injuries and deaths. Hence, it is important to be careful when driving and to follow all the rules.

Below are the options available to you for California traffic tickets, as well as our recommended best choice for your Los Angeles County traffic citation:

What Are The Consequences of Committing an Offense?

You’ll Have to Pay Fines
Most traffic tickets will cost you money – between $35 and $1,000 – depending on factors such as your speed, the zone you were caught speeding in, road conditions, and the outcome, i.e if any harm was done.

There are four California Speeding Laws namely Basic Speed Law, Prima Facie Speed Law, Maximum Speed Law, and Minimum Speed Law. Your ticket will typically contain information on which law you’ve broken and how much you owe to the state.

Jail Time is Also Possible
Serious cases can result in jail time. Drivers can be sentenced to between five and 90 days in jail. This is common when it is a repeated or serious crime such as going above 100mph or DUI.

Injuries and Damages are Common
You can get a ticket even if you did not cause harm to yourself or anyone else. The purpose of a ticket is to warn drivers and prevent them from indulging in risky activities. However, remember that overspeeding can result in serious injuries as going fast affects your stopping distance and gives you less time to react.

You’ll Get Points on your License
Los Angeles uses a point system. Licensing authorities keep a record of the points a driver has accumulated. According to reports, these points can stay on your record for up to 13 years, they can only be used against you for 3 years.

Offenses, such as disobeying the law or speeding, are each assigned a specific number of points. You will get the assigned points added to your record when you’re found to be guilty.

Your License May Get Suspended
The court may have the right to suspend your license. The first suspension is for 30 days. The second is for 60 days and the third suspension is for 12 months.

Getting your driver’s license suspended can be very troublesome as you will not be allowed to go behind the wheel until you get it back. Plus, you may have to go to the Los Angeles superior court by the due date and complete all the instructions on the ticket.

In addition to this, The California DMV will suspend your license for 6 months if you reach the points threshold: 4 points in a period of 12 months, 6 points in a period of 24 months, and 8 points in a period of 36 months.

Other Costs and Penalties
Getting a ticket can make it difficult to buy car insurance as companies tend to charge a higher premium from drivers who have a bad driving record. Moreover, drivers who already have accumulated points may have to face extra penalties if they're caught again.

While the consequences can be severe, the law offers drivers several opportunities to fight a ticket and get rid of the points.

Below are the options available to you for California traffic tickets, as well as our recommended best choice for your Los Angeles County traffic citation:

Complete a DMV-approved Traffic School Course

Attending a California DMV-approved traffic school is the fastest and most reliable way to handle your California traffic ticket. You will avoid points from appearing on your driving record and keep your insurance rates from going up. You will be required to pay the whole ticket fine amount as well as the traffic school processing fee. When paying the fine, you will be given the option to take traffic school. This is a simple option that can be done 24/7 from your computer without having to leave your home, and it will save you thousands $ on your auto insurance, over a period of time.

To request to attend traffic school or to request an extension, you may do so in the following ways:

  • In person. Check your ticket to see which LA County court your ticket was assigned to. You can also request installment payments for the cost of the ticket. Your traffic school dismissal will not be entered by the court until the entire balance is paid in full.
  • Online. Have your ticket and driver license information ready to find your citation information here. Just log in, follow instructions, complete payment, and select traffic school option. You will be given an extension to complete traffic school.

What to Do after Completing Traffic School:

Once you complete your online course, you are done. Your traffic school course completion will be electronically transmitted to the CA DMV. On your behalf, the CA DMV reports your completion to the court as well, so there is no need to turn in any certificates to the court. However, the online traffic school will provide you with a completion receipt as proof of your completion for your records.

Five Things to Look for When Choosing Traffic School:

  1. Is it licensed by the CA DMV?
  2. Will they process your completion certificate before your due date?
  3. Are there any hidden fees? If the pricing seems too good to be true, it might be. Make sure the price includes reporting, certificate, customer support, etc.
  4. Does the school offer 24/7 support? If you’re cutting close to your due date and have a question, you’ll want to speak to knowledgeable customer support.
  5. Is it easy to use? Not all courses are created equal. Make sure the course will save your progress when you need to stop and take a break. Also, make sure you can access the course on any electronic device at any time.

Other Options You Have for Your Traffic Tickets

Pay your citation:

Traffic ticket fines must be paid prior to the due date or penalties will incur. Paying for your traffic citation will result in points being placed on your driving record for 3 years. Since points on your driving record will cause your insurance rates to significantly increase and can cost you thousands over time, this is not the best choice.

Fight the ticket:

If you feel you are innocent of the violation, you may contest your citation by appearing in court and entering a plea of not guilty. To do this, you must:

  • Submit a written request for a court trial.
  • Pay the full amount of bail, which is indicated on the notice you should have received in the mail.

A written request for a court trial, along with a check for the full bail amount, may be submitted to the court clerk’s office in person or by sending them to the court address listed on your ticket. If you are declared innocent of the violation by the judge, your traffic ticket will be dismissed and your fines will be refunded to you by the Los Angeles County traffic court. Keep in mind that if you choose this option, some judges won’t let you enroll into traffic school.

If you do decide to fight your ticket, you have two options:

  1. Appear in court to fight it.
  2. Have trial by declaration by preparing your case in writing and sending it in. Companies like Get Dismissed may prepare this for you for under $100.