NY Law Empowers Drivers To Save Hundreds On Their Auto Insurance By Taking a DMV-Approved Defensive Driving Course

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NY Law Explained

New York is one of the only states that mandates an immediate 10% reduction on the liability and collision portion of your auto and motorcycle insurance premiums upon completion of a DMV-approved Defensive Driving Course, New York Insurance Law -ISC 2336

That’s right. By taking IMPROV’s Defensive Driving course, either in-person or online, you will start saving 10% on insurance right away.

Rarely has saving so much money been so easy. Get your 10% reduction in monthly insurance premiums NOW!



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  • How do I get the insurance premium reduction?

    First you need to take a Point and Insurance Reduction Program approved course. Once you complete the course, you will get a temporary proof of completion certificate that you can download, which also has the certificate number. Feel free to frame it or put it on the refrigerator. We will mail you the official certificate the following business day and you’ll submit that document to your insurance company. They will adjust your discount from the date you have completed the course..

  • Who should take the course for discount?

    To maximize your savings, all family members who are a principal driver of a vehicle on the insurance policy can take the NY defensive driving course. Each driver will receive a 10% discount on the base premium of their auto insurance policy.

  • How often do I have to take the course?

    For insurance discount if should betaken every three years. You are allowed to take it for point reduction every 18 months if needed.

  • Will younger drivers, high-risk drivers and minors receive the insurance premium discount?

    Yes. Any insured driver who is the principal operator and completes a Point and Insurance Reduction Program course will receive the 10% reduction.

  • What is Point Reduction?

    Another benefit of competing this course is a point reduction. If you accumulated too many points on your driving record, this will help to prevent you from getting your license suspended. Completion of the course can provide you with a 4-point credit that will be subtracted from your driving record point count.

  • How much will I save?

    This will depend on your individual policy. The state mandated discount is 10% from the base of your collision and comprehensive portion of your policy. Many of our students averaged anywhere from $900-$1500 over the course of three years.