Yes it happens to the best of us… occasionally we get carried away and then boom you see those dreadful blinking lights in your rear view mirror. Good news, statistics show that for every traffic ticket you get, you commit close to 2000 moving violations, so think of all the other 1999 times you got away. And yes it will cost dearly.. ticket fines are high but aside from the cost of the fine chances are your insurance rates will go up. The amount greatly depends on number of factors but primarily a. your insurance company b. where you live and c. the type of violation.

This handy traffic violation calculator will help you get an idea of how much additional premium you may be looking at based on national averages. Note that ticket stays on your driving record for some time and as long as insurance companies see it your probably looking at higher rates. Guess that's one more reason not to speed.

Aside from not getting a ticket there are few ways you can keep you rates lower. Ask your court if they allow you to complete Traffic School or a Defensive Driving Course to mask the ticket from your driving record.

Take an Online Defensive Driving course proactively. Many states like Delaware, New Jersey and New York mandate that insurance company offers you a discount of up to 10% upon completing the driver improvement course.

New Drivers

If you are a new driver or have new drivers in your household many insurance companies will offer additional discount with the proof of completion of a Drivers Education Course. Some will provide good student discount; multiple care discount etc. Key is to communicate with your insurance agent to make sure that you are maximizing things that are within your control.