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Did you get a citation for using a wireless communication device while driving in Florida? We'll help you clear it off your driving record the easy way.

If you have been issued a citation for using a handheld wireless device in the state of Florida, then our FL Wireless Communications Device Driving Safety Program course can help. This course applies to all traffic citations issued while driving in a school zone, work zone, or school crossing zone. You can have your driving record points and associated costs waived with this online program!

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Florida Wireless Communications Device Safety Course

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It was fun and flexible!
"It was fun and flexible! I could even work on it while waiting in line or during lunch."
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"This course helped me learn to be a safe driver! 10/10 would recommend."
Great, entertaining, and informative!
"The course was great, entertaining, and very informative! Thanks so much!"

Florida Wireless Communications Device Safety Course FAQs

What is the Florida Wireless Communications Device (WCD) Safety Course?

Those who received a ticket for using a wireless communication device while driving through a school crossing, school zone, or work zone and want to avoid receiving points on their record and paying a fine should take the 90-minute FL WCD course.

Am I eligible to take this course?

You are eligible to take this course if you have not taken one in the last 12 months. You must make sure that the court in the county where you received the citation has given you the option to take this course, then inform them you are taking it as well.

How long is the course?

It is 90 minutes (an hour and a half) long. This is a state requirement; all state-approved WCD courses are this length. You must spend a minimum of 90 minutes in the course to get credit.

Do I have to complete it on one device, all at once?

No. You can take this course on multiple devices, phones, computers, and tablets. You can log out and back in as often as you like. You can complete our course at your own pace! It’s 100% online.

Is IMPROV Traffic School licensed by the FL HSMV?

Yes! We are approved by the FL HSMV and all Florida courts. We will report your completion to the FL HSMV as well as your court once you complete the course.

How many chapters are there?

There are 13 chapters in the Florida Wireless Communications Device Safety Course. Each chapter includes reading material, videos, and quizzes.

Are there any quizzes or a final?

Yes. Each chapter has a 2-question multiple choice quiz, and there is a 20-question multiple-choice final where you will need to get 16 correct to pass. Don’t worry, you’ll receive UNLIMITED free attempts to pass!

Can I fail this course?

No! You cannot fail our FL wireless device safety course! You will receive unlimited attempts to pass each quiz and the final. And best of all, you don’t have to pay again!

What do I do after I complete the course?

We will report your completion to the FL HSMV as well as your court. You can relax! You may print the downloadable certificate of completion for your records if you wish.