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  • FREE Colorado Practice Test
  • FREE Colorado Practice Test

What Do You Need to Know Before Taking the CO DMV Permit Test?

To get your Minor’s Permit or Driver’s License in Colorado, there are a couple of steps you need to take.

If you’re below the age of 18, you must first receive your Minor Permit. You can apply for the permit at 15 years old. This requires taking a 30-hour driver education course like ours, studying the CO Driver Handbook, then heading in to take the written test. If you’re at least 15 years and 6 months old, you could also take a 4-hour Driver Awareness class in place of the 30-hour course. Some class providers serve the written test as well, so check with your school to see if you can simply bring in your course completion forms to the DMV to get your permit!

Getting your full license after your permit will depend on if you’re an adult or not – if you’re younger than 18, you will have to hold your permit for 12 months. You will also need to complete a class with an approved driver education school, and log a total of 50 hours of driving time, with 10 of the hours at night. If you selected a school that does not have behind-the-wheel training, you’ll have to schedule a drive test appointment with your local DMV.

So, it’s a smart idea to study the CO Driver Handbook before either the permit or license tests! You’ll get all the important information you need to know for the tests by reading through it, and then you can test your knowledge with our free CO DMV Practice Test!

What is the Minimum Age to Take the CO DMV Permit Test?

As we mentioned before, you can take the CO DMV Permit Test at 15 years old. If you are younger than 15 ½, then you MUST take a 30-hour Driver Education course in order to receive your permit. If you’re older than 15 ½, then you can take either the 30-hour class, or a 4-hour Driver Awareness course to fulfill that requirement. You’ll also need to pass a vision test, pay any associated permit fees, and have your parent’s signed consent form ready.

How Many Questions Are on the Test?

The Colorado DMV permit test is made up of 25 multiple-choice questions, which are based off the 2019 CO Driver Handbook. In order to pass and receive your permit, you must get at least 20 questions out of the 25 correct.

Why Take the CO DMV Practice Test

A better question might be why NOT take the CO DMV Practice Test? It’s FREE, and it’ll let you know about how well you’ll do on the real test! If you score well, you know that you’ve got a good idea of the rules of the road – and if you don’t, then you know what you’ll need to study to prepare yourself. Extra practice like this can help you avoid failing and needing to do the unfortunate walk out of the DMV without your permit!

Don’t Forget Before You Get Your License

As you might’ve heard or learned, there are penalties for driving without car insurance! It is our legal responsibility as drivers to have liability coverage on our vehicle at all times, and there are a variety of types of coverage available at different prices. It’s also always a good idea to make sure you are getting the lowest insurance rate for your age.

FREE Colorado Practice Test