Your request to take a defensive driving Houston TX must be made prior to your arraignment date. However, you should wait a minimum of ten days from the ticket issue date prior to making your request.
Following are the steps necessary for taking defensive driving Houston TX:

1. Make sure you are eligible for a Driving Safety Course / Defensive Driving Houston Texas.

There are 2 types of Driver Safety Courses: Mandatory and Discretionary

Mandatory Driving Safety Course

To check if you are qualified for Mandatory DSC, you must meet the eligibility criteria listed below.

To qualify to take a Texas Driving Safety Course (Mandatory), all of the following must be true:

a) You have a valid Driver’s License. Persons currently serving in the military are exempt from this requirement, and so are their spouses and dependents.

b) You do not have a CDL

c) You have not taken a defensive driving course in Texas within at least one year from the citation issue date.

d) You were not going over 95 mph when you’re citation was issued

e) You were not cited for speeding more than 25 mph over the speed that was posted

f) Your citation was not for failing to stop for/passing school bus

g) Your citation was not in connection with a serious violation

h) Your citation was not for failure to stop to provide aid or information after witnessing an accident

i) Your citation was not involving a violation committed in a construction zone where workers were present

Discretionary Driving Safety Course

You are eligible to request Discretionary DSC if:

• You did not request the DSC prior to your court (arraignment) date

• It has been less than one year since the last time you took a mandatory DSC

2. Apply for a Texas Driver Safety Course (DSC) / Defensive Driving Houston Texas with the City of Houston Municipal Courts on or prior to your scheduled court date.

Request by phone:

To submit your DSC info via phone, please call (713) 837-0311. In order to complete the submission process however, a computer with access to email will be required.

Request DSC by mail or In Person:

> Required Items to Bring (In-person) or Send via Mail:

• Copy of current auto insurance (liability) policy

• Copy of your TX Drivers License (must be valid)

• Signed & completed DSC application (download form)

• DSC Fees:

Mandatory DSC Fees:

– School Zone Moving Violation: $137.10

– Moving Violation: $112.10

Discretionary DSC Fees:

– School Zone Moving Violation: $177.10

– Moving Violation: $152.10


Mail the above items to City of Houston Municipal Courts, PO Box 4996, Houston, TX 77210

In Person

If you wish to bring the above items to the Court in person, you may go to any of the Houston Court (or satellite) locations:

1. Central – Herbert W. Gee Municipal Courthouse

2. Satellite Location 1 – Acres Homes/North Command Station

3. Satellite Location 2 – Clear Lake Sub-Station

4. Satellite Location 3 – Kingwood Annex Court

5. Satellite Location 4 – Southeast Command Station

6. Satellite Location 5 – Westside Command Station

3. If you are approved to take a DSC, the Court will notify you by mail.

You will have 90 days to complete the Driving Safety Course and submit the required documents as explained in #7 below.

4. Review the TEA’s list of approved Defensive Driving Schools and choose the best online defensive driving course.

5. Register and complete the Texas Driver Safety Course as soon as possible and at least 10 days prior to the due date.

6. Sign and submit your original certificate of completion (“Court Copy) to the City of Houston Municipal Court prior to the deadline.

Please note that Houston Courts will only accept original certificates of completion; copies will not be accepted.

Your original certificate of completion will be mailed to you the very next day after you complete the Texas driving course online via the mailing delivery method you chose during registration. Expedited shipping options are available. You may submit the following either in person to the court or by mail.

DSC – Mandatory:

• Completion Certificate (“Court Copy”) signed by you.

• Driving record – Must be a certified copy

DSC Affidavit – Must be signed and notarized. Please note that certification of the Affidavit can be done if you submit your documents to the court in person ($6.00 fee will apply).

DSC – Discretionary:

• Completion Certificate (“Court Copy”) signed by you.

Non-compliance of any of the above-mentioned requirements will result in a conviction being placed on your driver license record. In addition, a mandatory fine will be imposed. Non-payment of the mandatory fine will result in an arrest warrant being issued for you.