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Spring Means Motorcycle Safety

When winter finally nestles back down to nap and spring and summer come in full force you’ll be seeing more than sun dappled forests and blue skies on your daily commute. You’ll also likely see lots of motorcycles and bicycles out on the road. Motorcyclists and bicyclist have their own set of rules to follow …

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Don’t Get Stranded This Winter Without Your Smartphone

Believe it or not, the most useful tool to have with you in the event of a winter snowstorm, might just be your smartphone. A new smartphone app has been released specifically designed to help motorists who become stranded on the roadway during a winter snowstorm. Now, you don’t need an online traffic school to …

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The number of traffic fatalities is down around the country, due in no small part to traffic school and a host of new safety features in the new automobiles rolling off the assembly line. It wasn’t so long ago that safety features like airbags were options on new vehicles, but today almost all new cars …

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