Post Excerpt:
Where are all the bad drivers coming from? Perhaps, just perhaps, we are them. How do you know if your a bad driver?

I have this feeling we all think we are pretty good drivers. I mean, we may admit to being a bit lead footed at times. In a weak moment we may even accept that parallel parking may not be our strongest skill, but I think overall, we all think we are pretty good behind the wheel.

The problem is, if we are such pretty good drivers, who are all these people with road rage getting angry at? Just who are they yelling at and saluting with hand gestures? Are these just psychotics who enjoy making grotesque, angry faces and hearing the sound of their own horns, or is it possible that some of us aren’t as adept on the highways as we may believe? Should some of us permanently call shotgun and just go along for the ride? Finally, just how do we know who we are?

Here’s the test. “You Might Be a Bad Driver If….”

  • When you say “I’ll Drive”, your friends look pale and lose the ability to speak coherently.
  • Your vehicle has dents on three or more of its four corners.
  • You think a yellow traffic light means “Faster, faster!”
  • The police officers in your town don’t have to ask you for your Driver’s license, as they already know the number, along with your address.  They can also tell you how many points you have on your driving record and whether you’re eligible to do online traffic school.
  • You believe people should be going at LEAST 10 miles above the posted limit.
  • You’ve ever speed up unnecessarily when someone pulls out on the road in front of you.
  • You’ve cussed at another driver with your in-laws in the car.
  • You’re afraid to tell anyone how many points you have on your driver’s license.
  • You no longer have a driver’s license.
  • You think traffic laws, signs, and road markers are for amateurs.
  • The lettering on the side of your tires is worn off from rubbing against curbs.
  • When neighbor children see you driving home, they run to their porches.
  • Instead of chasing it, the neighborhood dogs run away from your car.
  • You’ve ever looked sheepishly at your passenger and said “oops”.
  • Your front passenger side carpeting is severely worn from passengers attempting to hit the brake.
  • You have your car insurance agent on speed dial.
  • Your passengers have their seatbelts on before you even get in.
  • Your body shop sends you a gift for Christmas…and your birthday…and your anniversary.

The reality is, our self-perception of our driving skills is probably different from reality. Maybe the next time we get into a bit of a rage about another driver’s lack of skills, we should consider our own limitations and do a better job at defensive  driving. Maybe we just need to laugh at ourselves a bit, and understand we can all momentarily be subjected to distractions that may affect our driving.