You may be familiar with the revolutionary mode of transportation that recently sprung up in California. Ride cabin is a unique travel experience where passengers rent out private pods known as “cabins” while they ride between Los Angeles and San Francisco in a giant mega bus. What sounds like a perfect setting for a Black Mirror episode is a convenient way to travel between metropolitan areas.

But, is it better than driving?

As always, we ask the hard-hitting questions that plague everyone’s mind. Especially when it comes to futuristic modes of transportation. We’re weighing the pros and the cons of whether it’s better to drive between Los Angeles and San Francisco or to sleep travel in a Cabin.

Driving Between Los Angeles and San Francisco


When you’re driving, you can take your time. You can cruise and enjoy the environmental beauty by taking the PCH or take I-5. Driving your own car allows you take as much freedom as you want between your destinations. You can even take a pit stop to make conversation with the crazy mountain cannibals.

You also won’t need to worry about luggage room. At least, you’ll have more room to fit your clothes, necessities, kitchen sink, or other important travel goods. You will even have the option to pick up a hitchhiker along the way.

Finally, you’ll be able to rock out to your own playlist. It’s nearly a 7-hour trip between the cities, so you have plenty of time to practice your singing, air drums, or choreographic seat dancing during your exhausting drive.


It’s a 7-hour trip. Did you read that correctly? 7-hours. Do you want to drive for 7-hours? That’s only one way! You’ll have to make that drive again when you’re returning.

You’re driving roughly 800 miles round trip. That’s road trip worthy preparation before you even start driving. Not to mention the wear and tear your car will accumulate during the 14-hour drive. There’s also the chance for bumping into reckless drivers, natural disasters, and other incidents that could occur while driving.

You’ll also have to fork up a bunch of money for gas, food, and other necessities along the way. If you get ticketed for violating a traffic law, you’ll be looking for “traffic schools near me” quicker than a Cabin bus en route to San Francisco, to dismiss the ticket and avoid points going on your record.

Taking a Cabin Btwn. Los Angeles and San Francisco


7-hours is the perfect amount of sleep you need every night. Coincidentally, it’s also the amount of time it takes a Cabin bus to travel between Los Angeles and San Francisco. While everyone else is driving through the night, you can have a full night’s rest on the bus in your private sleeping cabin.

With the large amount of accommodations Cabin offers, you’ll be able to read, work, stream shows or movies, and just about anything else instead of driving. You can even bust out the air drums while listening to your favorite song.

Cabin is moving a hotel. Therefore, you’ll get the hospitality benefits of staying in a hotel while also getting the transportation benefits of a bus. You’ll have access to restrooms, you’ll get evening and morning refreshments, Wi-Fi access, USB plug ins, lounge areas, and luxury bedding.


The only major con we can think of is interacting with people. But, the Cabin staff are exceptionally patient and kind. Paying money is always a con, but it’s nowhere near the price you’ll be paying for an 800-mile journey. One major con is not seeing all your crazy mountain friends, who only come out at night to hunt their human prey.

When taking a trip between cities, choose the means of transportation that is the best investment for your money and health. If you do end up driving, just remember that enrolling in a traffic school can prevent your annual insurance rates from increasing when, or if, you get a traffic violation. Also, don’t forget to bring raw meat for the crazy mountain cannibals!