When holidays roll around police every where see it as a good time to increase drunk driving patrols. Some departments approve over time for officers or include DUI checkpoints as part of their safe driving enforcement efforts. All this extra effort to keep people safe on the road come at a significant cost, however.

In New York state police officers did all of the above, including a cooperative effort with police in New Jersey and Connecticutt. They are still tallying the number of citations issued and the resultant fines to be collected, but you can bet it will be quite a bit. In fact, the average cost of a single drunk driving citation for a first time offender usually reaches more than $8,000 when you include fines, fees, court costs ad increased insurance rates.

If it is their second offense (or more) the costs increase tremendously and include suspension or revocation of driving privileges and the possibility of jail time.

In a preliminary report state troopers said they cited more than 2,100 drivers for hazardous moving violations, more than 1,000 people for speeding and about 190 drivers for not wearing their seat belts over the holiday weekend. Connecticut state police said they responded to more than 175 accidents on state highways and charged more than three dozen people with drunken driving.

So, while the costs of enforcement might rise significantly during a holiday weekend, so too do the fines, fees and the level of safety for everyone on the roads.