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Florida Online Traffic School

A Guide to Taking a Florida Online Traffic School Course

Have you recently received a Florida traffic ticket and been required to attend traffic school as a result? If so, then you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed by the process of finding a DHSMV-approved course and enrolling in it. Regardless of whether you've been required to take such a course as a result of a traffic conviction or as a mean of getting a minor ticket dismissed from your driving record, you could probably use some guidance. Perhaps you're even interested in voluntarily taking such a traffic course as a means of earning a discount on your auto insurance.

What to Do:

1. Determine Which Course You Need to Take.

In Florida, there are seven different types of traffic school courses. The steps required to find the course that's right for you will vary depending on the type you need.

  1. 4-Hour Basic Driver Improvement (BDI) Course: This course is typically your best bet if you're a first offender and the court has dictated that you need to take a basic course. You can also take this course to meet insurance discount requirements.
  2. 8-House Intermediate Improvement Course: If you're what the state would classify as a "habitual offender," then you'll need to take more than the basic 4-hour course. This will most likely be the course for you.
  3. Court-Ordered 4-Hour Traffic School: When you received your ticket, it would indicate that you need to take a court-ordered traffic school if you were, in fact, convicted in court.
  4. DMV Letter (TCAC) Traffic Collision Avoidance Course: This course is typically required of those who have been in an accident and were thus required to attend a collision avoidance course. Usually, it's the DMV that sets this requirement.
  5. 8-Hour Aggressive Driver Course: If you received a ticket for reckless or aggressive driving, the judge may require you to take this 8-hour course.
  6. Insurance Discount Course/Corporate Training: There are a couple situations in which taking this course could apply to you. For starters, this is a good course if you're voluntarily taking a safety course to enjoy an insurance discount. On the other hand, this may also be required if you're taking a course for work-related driving.
  7. TLSAE-4-Hour DrEd/Alcohol: This course is actually required of all Florida teens and adults applying for their drivers licenses for the first time.

2. Do Your Research Into Florida Online Traffic School Courses.

The next step is to find a course that's DHSMV-approved. This is absolutely necessary in order for the court to acknowledge that you have met the requirements. If you fail to take a DHSMV-approved course, you could end up with an outstanding ticket or traffic charge.

Taking an online traffic course can be a great way to meet your requirements without having to go through the trouble of fitting a traditional class into your busy schedule. Online courses offer much more flexibility so that you don't have to worry about missing work or finding a sitter to take your needed class.

At Improv Traffic School, you can rest assured that all Florida online traffic school courses are certified by the State of Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles and by the court system as well.

3. Sign Up for and Take the Course.

The exact process for enrolling in traffic school can vary greatly depending on which type of course you need to take. If you've received a ticket for a minor traffic violation, however, these are the steps you'll need to take:

  • Contact the court listed on your ticket and ask for permission to have the ticket dismissed upon completion of a traffic school course.
  • If approved, sign up for a basic 4-hour BDI course. This is all you'll need, unless the court has specifically stated that you need to take an 8-hour or different course.
  • Finish the course successfully.
  • Send in proof of your completion of the course directly to the court.
  • After all materials are submitted, be sure to check back on your driving record to ensure that your ticket has been dismissed and that the court received the paperwork.

4. If Your Violation Required You to Attend a Formal Court Hearing, Follow These Steps:

  • Be on time on your day in court; you'll likely be assigned to take a 4-hour or 8-hour course, depending on your charge.
    • Sign up for the necessary course and complete it by the deadline specified by the court.
    • Once completed, send the court proof of your successful completion. Be sure to follow up with the court to find out if you need to take any further steps.

5. To Reinstate Your License After a Suspension, You'll Need To:

  • Make it to court on time; you'll probably be instructed to take an advanced-level 12-hour improvement course for drivers.
  • Sign up for the required course. In the meantime, consider applying for a Florida hardship licensed.
  • Finish the course successfully. If you were approved for a hardship license, you may be able to drive your car to and from school, work, or necessary doctor's appointments.
  • Once the course is completed, send in proof to your court and wait for them to contact you regarding next steps to follow.

6. To Gain an Insurance Discount and Enjoy Lower Rates, Follow These Procedures:

  • Contact your insurance agent directly to find out whether or not you can be eligible for a discount upon completion of a Florida online traffic school course. Find out specifics regarding the discount.
  • Sign up for the required course and complete it on your own time.
  • Send in proof of your successful completion of the course to your insurance company. It's simple as that!

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