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Which Florida course should I choose?

Select this course if you received a ticket and want to take a traffic school (4-hour Basic Driver Improvement course) to dismiss the violation.


Select this course if you received a traffic ticket and were ordered by the Court to attend 4-hour traffic school.


Select this course if you were ordered to attend a 4 hour traffic school by the DMV or have been ordered to take a Traffic Collision Avoidance Course.


Select this course only if you are required to complete an 8-hour Intermediate Driver Improvement course.


Select this course only if you were referred by a court or judge to complete an 8-hour Aggressive Driver Course.


Select this course only if you are taking it for Insurance Discount, Mature Driver Program or work-related training.


Select this if you are a teen or adult and are getting your license for the first time.


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Florida Traffic School Laws

Useful Information to help you choose the right course

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, simply referred to as the Florida DMV, is responsible for enforcing driver’s license rules and regulations. At times, you may be required by the Florida DMV to attend a local traffic school. For example, if you receive a speeding ticket or any other moving violation, you will have three choices on how to proceed. You can elect to attend the traffic school, pay the specified fine amount, or challenge the ticket on the given court date. The case has been opened in the Florida county in which the violation was issued; you must notify the county clerk of your election. You can elect to attend the traffic school, pay the specified fine amount, or challenge the ticket on the given court date.

You can voluntarily choose to attend traffic school to enhance your knowledge of defensive driving habits, or receive a discount on your automobile insurance policy.

Benefits of Choosing Traffic School

When choosing to attend a traffic school following a traffic violation, you may receive the following benefits:

  • Car insurance rates will not increase and the policy will remain active regardless of the traffic violation, unless you were charged with an at-fault accident.
  • Points will not go against your Florida driving record.
  • Your fine will likely be reduced.

Rules for Attending Traffic School

In Florida, you may attend a traffic school to avoid points against your driving record up to five times per lifetime. You may attend for the purpose of driver development once a year. If you were charged with a non-criminal moving violation without having a commercial driver’s license (CDL), you can go to a Florida traffic school or basic driver improvement (BDI) to prevent points from going against your driving record.

No points will be charged when attending a basic driver improvement course. Additionally, you will maintain your safe driving status.

Inform the county clerk that you want to attend the basic driver improvement course before paying the initial fine. However, if you have already paid the fine, you will not be eligible to attend the course for the purpose of avoiding points.

You will find the list of options on the back of the traffic citation. You will have up to 30 days to choose to attend a traffic school, or one of the other options.

Requirements for Traffic Collision Avoidance Course

The following instances require one to take a traffic collision avoidance course, which is also referred to as TCAC:

  • You were the driver charged as the at-fault driver in an accident, and another driver or passenger was injured to the point of hospitalization.
  • You were involved in two or more accidents in a period of two-years, both of which produced property damage of more than $50.

The court appointed judge could also order you to attend an 8-hour Aggressive Driver Course. This course is different from an intermediate or basic driver improvement course, as it focuses more on avoiding and reducing aggressive driving habits.

In some cases, judges in some Florida counties require drivers to attend an 8-hour course even if they have already attended a 4-hour course within the last year.

Even if you are required to attend a traffic school due to a traffic violation, you will reap the benefits of the information provided. Always check with a reputable Florida traffic course provider, such as Improv Traffic School, to see what courses are available.