California DMV Traffic School Course for Ticket Dismissal

You need to take this course if you received a CA traffic ticket, were ordered by the court to attend traffic school or you received a letter from the DMV requiring you to take the TCAC (Traffic Collision Avoidance Course).
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How much is your class?

We pride ourselves on offering one of the best values in the industry and all-inclusive pricing. We promise to never include any last minute surprise fees and to provide you with the lowest all-inclusive price for the best and simplest course on the market.

Is this IMPROV Online Traffic School Course licensed by the state?

Yes! We are licensed by the California DMV and accepted by ALL CA Courts, to meet your traffic school requirements. License number is E1515.

If my traffic school due date is today, can I still take this course?

Yes you can! We report course completions electronically right away. As long as you complete by 11:59pm Pacific Time on your due date, we will take care of the rest to make sure you get proper credit with the DMV and the court.

Do you send my certificate directly to the DMV/Court?

Yes. Once you complete the course, we take care of the rest. No additional action is required on your part.

As part of your all-inclusive course price, we electronically submit your certificate of completion to the California DMV immediately upon completion. DMV in turn notifies your court and you are done.

Do you send my certificate directly to the DMV/Court?

Based on CA DMV rules, the course is designed to provide 400 minutes of instruction (6 hours 40 minutes). However, our online course curriculum is self-paced, and it’s up to you how fast you can complete it. You will go through the course, complete the final quiz, and then you are done.

Does the course have timers?

No. Our online course curriculum is self-paced and there are no timers! Without timers, it largely depends on how quickly YOU can go through the course material.

How many chapters are there?

IMPROV Traffic School course is only six chapters. At the end of each chapter there are 3 quiz questions, which are meant to only prepare you for the final quiz.

What if I fail the final quiz?

Over 97% of all students pass on the first try. But if you need it, DMV allows us to give you a second final quiz, which we offer for free. It’s open book, with 25 multiple-choice questions. You can do this!

Does your website work on all devices?

Yes. You can complete on any desktop or mobile device, no special downloads required. We are especially proud of our mobile option.

How often can I take traffic school?

The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) allows drivers to take traffic school only once within an 18 month period from violation date to violation date.

What if I’m a Commercial Driver, can I still take an online traffic school?

The court may approve traffic school for a driver with a commercial driver’s license if the eligible offense occurred in a noncommercial vehicle. After completion of an approved program by a driver with a commercial driver’s license, a conviction will appear on the driving record at the DMV, but a point will not appear for the offense. Commercial Drivers must call to have their driver's license corrected. For additional information contact the Driver Safety Unit at (916) 657-6525.