halloween driving traffic school
How much do we love Halloween?

More and more every year, according to the National Retail Foundation, which predicts total spending to exceed $9.1 billion this year, a big jump from $8.4 billion in 2016, and $6.9 billion in 2015.

This figure includes anything and everything spooky, from Halloween decorations to bags and bags of candy for trick-or-treaters. Costumes represent more than $3 billion of the total, for pets and for people.

Some Halloween costume classics never go out of style, like witches, pumpkins, or superheroes. Others come and go depending on what’s happening in current culture, from political people to characters from Hollywood.

It’s certainly fun to be part of current trends when trying to come up with Halloween costume ideas, but this year, it probably will mean that you’ll be one of dozens of clowns from “It” at the next party.

Or you can come up with a costume that means something to you and will stand out from the rest of the pack, much like a sweet high-performance sports car becomes the most noticeable vehicle on the road.

There are all sorts of auto-related Halloween costumes that can be fun for you and your Halloween date to buy or put together using props and pieces from a Halloween Express or Halloween City location. Just make sure your costume does not obstruct your driving! We wouldn’t want you to think about taking traffic school to dismiss your ticket during the night!

Try these suggestions:

Driver and mechanic

Coveralls with patches from brands and a helmet can make you a NASCAR driver, and the same colored coveralls and a tool box and headset can make you part of the driver’s pit crew. Or perhaps greasy coveralls and a wrench can make you a garage owner, opposite a customer.

Meter maid/man

Walk around with keys and change or write on things with chalk. Or have fun writing people tickets for overtime or moving violations. People might get annoyed with you, which means the costume is working.

Drivers Ed teacher and student

If you’re the defensive driving instructor, you can be the calm one who isn’t bothered by anything, the nervous, jumpy one, or the angry, scary one. And there are plenty of theme variations for student costumes.

TV characters with cars

Anyone from the Dukes of Hazzard? If you remember the show, the outfits were mostly your basic redneck – jeans and shirts or overalls for the boys, and tight shorts for the girls. Complete the ensemble by occasionally cheering or playing “Dixie” if you do something daring. (Say you’re the OTHER other Duke cousins will get applause from TV history fans.)

Public safety

An EMT is an easy costume – a white shirt, a tool belt and rubber gloves. A firefighter also could be easy – a fire hat, although the jacket, suspenders and boots help. A police officer can also be fun, whether you’re a beat cop, an undercover agent or a motorcycle officer. The latter one can benefit from a helmet, boots and cool shades. Any of these can be enhanced by making siren noises and running around occasionally. You can also punch out the bottom of a cardboard box and put it around you and make it look like your ambulance, fire engine or police cruiser.

Anything zombie from the above list

Can zombies drive? Why not. Any of the previous costumes can all be easily zombie-fied by shredding the shirt/pants and splashing them with red paint or ink. Face make-up and groaning can enhance the look.

Anything sexy from the above list

Sexy firefighter involves less clothing, maybe fishnet stockings if you’re female, and no shirt or a tight shirt f you’re male. Sexy Daisy Duke would be especially memorable.