FL Traffic School PageFloridians spend a lot of time outdoors. We are constantly on the go, whether it is to the beach, a sporting event, a nightclub or a backyard barbecue. Our active lifestyles force us to drive much more than the typical American. As a result, we inevitably receive our fair share of traffic tickets and fender benders. If you are wondering how many times you can take the Florida traffic school course, the answer is five. This limit pertains to one's entire life. It might seem like a small number yet the maximum number of possible defensive driving courses is intentionally capped to encourage safe driving habits. Let's take a look at the best times to enroll in a FL traffic school course.1. Caught Speeding Well Above the Speed LimitIf you have been ticketed for speeding 15 to 20 miles per hour (or more) over the local speed limit, it is prudent to sign up for a Florida traffic school class. Though the speeding ticket can't be fully voided as a result of participating in FL traffic school, participating in such a class has the potential to minimize the impact of the ticket on your license and auto insurance rate. Enrolling in a defensive driving class can decrease the number of points assigned to your license as a result of such an egregious speeding ticket and consequentially reduce your car insurance cost.2. A Major Auto AccidentIf you are responsible for a significant auto accident, your car insurance rate will likely increase. This is the perfect time to enroll in a Florida traffic school course. Participating in defensive driving has the potential to prevent your post-accident auto insurance rate from rocketing. Notably, the course's content will also educate you about illegal and dangerous driving behaviors. This is precisely what is necessary in the aftermath of a major accident that would not have happened had you been driving safely. 3. Brush up on the Rules of the RoadMost drivers tend to forget the subtle rules of the road as they age. A large percentage of drivers obtained their license as a teen and never returned to driving school. If you find that your driving skills, road awareness or knowledge of driving laws are slipping, take a refresher course at FL traffic school. You will re-learn all the seemingly minor rules of the road that slipped your mind over the past years or decades. Participation in such a course just might prevent an accident or a ticket in the future.4. To Have a Ticket Dismissed, Reduced or Avoid a FineIn some instances, attending FL traffic school can result in a dismissal of a traffic ticket. Though this is not the case for egregious speeding tickets, it sometimes occurs with less severe tickets. Enrolling in defensive driving also has the potential to reduce a major traffic violation to a lesser one. In some instances, participation in Florida traffic school will eliminate the fine associated with a traffic ticket.5. To Reduce Your Auto Insurance PremiumPlenty of drivers enroll in a FL traffic school course even though they have a perfect driving record. Their motivation for taking a defensive driving course is simple economics. The vast majority of auto insurers offer a discount to drivers who complete a defensive driving course every couple of years. So be sure to check with your car insurance company to find out if you are eligible for a discount as a result of your participation in a Florida traffic school course.