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Deciding to text or take a selfie is the cornerstone of struggle among this millennial generation. When you’re driving a car, the decision becomes even higher risk because there’s more stakes involved. This impossible decision becomes even more impossible under that kind of pressure.

NY traffic is pretty bad, but even when you’re stuck in a gridlock, you should be focused on the road. You don’t need to pass the best defensive driving course online NY residents can find to know this bit of wisdom.

The best thing to do when you can’t decide if you should text or take a selfie is to focus on driving. In fact, texting or taking a selfie is dangerous regardless if you know which one you prefer to do on the road. But, for the death defying drivers, we’re discovering the best way to spend your distracting driving time. Here’s texting versus taking selfies in your NY car.

Texting While Driving

Texting while driving is a classic strategy to communicate your random driving thoughts, gauge the weekend availability of your friends, or asking “u up?” to your honey during that morning commute. Just about every driver is guilty of sending a short 4 kb message to your friends in your NY car. But, just because it’s tempting to sneak that text while you’re waiting for the light to turn green doesn’t make it alright. You could always – you know – wait until you’re parked and not driving to text.

But, what if you need to know if your roommate is home, because you’re just trying to find some alone time tonight, to binge watch your favorite show on Netflix, and you’re already on the road? That’s an excellent, naive question! You could send the classic “wen u home?” text to your roommate. But, you could also – you know – not do that, because texting while driving is reckless, dangerous, and risks bestowing catastrophic damage to your surrounding area.

If you can’t go a few minutes without sending a message, try something safer. Like hands free, voice to text messaging systems that comes with every cell phone in today’s markets. Another innovative invention is the idea of calling. It’s quicker, safer, and you can do it hands free with fantastic dashboard phone clips. Yeah – do that instead.

Taking Selfies While Driving

Wow! You look beautiful! Especially with the sun enlightening the color in your eyes. The sun glare bouncing off the other cars on the highway really makes you look like a radiate angel. You’re probably thinking this is peak beauty hours for you, and now is the perfect time to snap a selfie to show all your friends how flawless you are. Self-care and confidence is never a bad thing. But, do you know what IS a bad thing? Taking selfies while driving.

Taking a selfie from your NY car makes gives you the opportunity to show off your really cool vehicle interior and ravishing seat belt design. It also gives you the opportunity to rear end the car that’s stopped in front of you. The only thing more dangerous and reckless than texting is taking a selfie.

Even with a dashboard phone clip you run the risk of being so distracted, you end up in wreck. After demolishing your car, you might not be so inclined to take a picture. The very least, use hands free selfie snapping features that come with your phone. But the best way to avoid distracted selfie driving is by waiting until you parked.