In Manor, Texas, this week, three elementary school students were injured and hospitalized after their bus was struck by an oncoming car while stopped to let students board.

The driver of the school bus told police he could see the driver of the oncoming car crest a hill and try to stop when he saw the bus, but his vehicle skidded sideways as he lost control, striking the front bumper of the bus.

The driver of the car which struck the bus was also hospitalized. Police say none of the injuries appear life threatening.

A debate has raged for years about the merits of requiring seat belts on all school buses. Some argue in favor of seat belts on buses, while others say the children are just as safe without them, given the security of the large vehicle they are riding in. However, every time a vehicle collides with a bus and a student is injured it is another sign that perhaps the time has come to take another look at school bus safety.

Roger Wade with the Travis County Sheriff’s Office says the Manor ISD driver in Bus No. 58 stopped outside a driveway on Littig Road near Jones Road to pick up two students. As the students boarded the bus, Wade says the driver saw a car speeding over a hill toward the bus.

Wade says the driver of the car tried to stop but started to skid in the road. He lost control and crashed head-on into the front bumper of the bus.

Sgt. Ryan Phipps with the Manor Police Department was one of the first responders to arrive. He says one of the two students who was boarding the bus at the time had already found a seat when the car hit. The other student was still walking inside and was between the door and the driver. Phipps says the bus driver, who has not been identified, saw the car come over the hill and grabbed the student to protect them from the impact.