Drivers in Texas, specifically in the Fort Worth/Dallas area, are having to grow accustomed to a change in the way they exit at the 121/183 split. The exit had been shifted to the left (from a right hand exit) while construction crews worked to expand and repair the highway surface there. Now that those repairs and the construction project is finished, the exit is reverting back to being on the right hand side.

This is seen as a slight change for drivers, and one they should be somewhat accustomed to, but a change nonetheless.

Change is good, is a common refrain, but when it comes to driving habits, change can be something dangerous. Driving behavior is such that those behind the wheel can quickly become used to making certain turns at certain times. They can become so used doing certain things at certain times that easily become confused. This can lead to dangerous actions, especially if their confusion causes them to miss a turn, or notice their turn too late to change lanes safely.

No doubt area law enforcement officers will be monitoring traffic in the area until drivers, specifically commuters, become accustomed to the change in highway exit lanes and the risk is reduced by a new learned behavior.

The ramp to northbound Texas 121 from the Texas 121/183 split shifts to a right exit (back to the way it used to be) at 9 p.m. Saturday.
It should remain that way now that construction of main lanes and frontage roads in that segment of the $2.5 billion North Tarrant Express project are finished.
“This is a significant change for North Tarrant Express drivers, who have become accustomed to the left-lane exit to SH 121,” said Lara Kohl, spokeswoman for Bluebonnet Contractors, the company building the project.